This Elden Ring mod eases the wait for Hollow Knight Silksong

There are many great Elden Ring mods, but this particular mod should help ease the wait for another Souls-like game - the long-delayed Hollow Knight: Silksong

This Elden Ring mod should ease the wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong

A new Elden Ring mod should help ease the unrelenting torture that is the wait for another major Souls-like game – Hollow Knight: Silksong, as a modder has added fantastic versions of the new Hornet princess and Hollow Knight himself.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is the follow-up to Team Cherry’s beloved action-adventure game and was announced back in 2019 – which is pretty much the last we heard of it, other than some silk-songs and the promise that it’ll only come out “when it matches the quality” of Hollow Knight.

If you’re itching to try Hornet, the princess-protector of Hallownest and new Silksong lead, Elden Ring modder Will Ryan has you covered. You can download this fantastic recreation of Hornet at Nexus Mods, as well as several versions of the original Hollow Knight – from perfect to terrifying. The mods overwrite several Elden Ring armour sets, such as Carian Knight for Hornet, as well as a few weapons and shields too.

It’s certainly one of the best mod adaptations we’ve seen in Elden Ring – especially as there are no 3D versions of either Hollow Knight or Silksong’s Hornet, so both are visually striking.

For more Elden Ring mod fun, the first version of the chaotic enemy randomizer is out now, which can also be used alongside the seamless multiplayer co-op mod if you want to face a ridiculous new challenge with friends.

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