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Elden Ring mod adds gorgeous new dual fan weapons to FromSoftware RPG

An Elden Ring mod adds a pair of stunningly stylish weapons in the form of dual fans to further improve your next playthrough of the FromSoftware open-world RPG

Elden Ring mod - A character spins, holding the gold and silver dual fans Tempest and Thundercrash

An Elden Ring mod from bespoke weapon crafter The Roaring Forge adds gorgeous new dual fans to the FromSoftware RPG. With so many of the best Elden Ring weapons to choose from, going beyond anything offered in Dark Souls or even Bloodborne, experimenting with new toys is always a highlight of one of the best open-world games on PC. But if you’re looking for that special something to inspire your next playthrough, Tempest and Thundercrash could be the centrepiece you’re looking for.

The Tempest and Thundercrash Elden Ring mod from weapon creator The Roaring Forge adds the pair of dual fans – one in sparkling silver and cyan, the other in glimmering gold and red – to your repertoire. The in-game text describes them as “the glintstone of the forgotten reedlander witch and the heart of a dragon priest married with steel,” which is a suitably evocative description for such breathtaking designs – they’re almost too nice to use!

You’ll absolutely want to put the pair to work as soon as you get your Tarnished mitts on them, however, as they feature a slick, swirling moveset complete with a custom Ash of War that invokes a powerful cyclone. Once summoned, this whirling gale can be sent forth to slowly but surely carve a path through anything that stands before you.

The weapons replace the default hookclaws and their respective moveset, but it’s definitely an upgrade in our humble opinion. The weapons can be used standalone or wielded as a pair, with the latter offering some rather devastating looking combinations. Personally, we’re a big fan of the two-handed heavy combo, which features a weighty uppercut that sees your character leap into the sky and follow up with either a short or long dive-in combo depending upon your choice of button inputs.

You can see Tempest and Thundercrash in action below, courtesy of a rather spectacular showcase from their creators at The Roaring Forge:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you want to give Tempest and Thundercrash a whirl – and who wouldn’t – then you can get your hands on them at Nexus Mods. They’re not the only such custom creations from The Roaring Forge, either. The team has also been crafting several other rather magnificent designs including a spectacular scythe, a Norse style axe and shield perfect for living out your God of War Ragnarok fantasies, and a rather eye-catching ‘swordspear’ that offers exactly what the name promises.

If you’re checking Tempest and Thundercrash out, make sure to pair them with one of the best Elden Ring builds for maximum effect. No doubt the combination of heft and mobility means they’ll make for an excellent choice against some of the toughest Elden Ring bosses that you’ll go up against on your travels across the Lands Between. We’ve got more of the best Elden Ring mods for you to browse, along with a promise from the game’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki that FromSoftware will make “more interesting games” to follow on from Elden Ring’s success.