Elden Ring bosses just got a lot scarier with, um, Pingu

Elden Ring bosses are the most intimidating part of the From Software sandbox RPG, but they just got a lot scarier with the addition of lovable penguin Pingu

Elden Ring bosses now include Pingu: a gigantic animated penguin, Pingu, has just killed the player in RPG Elden Ring

Elden Ring bosses – just that phrase alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of any fan of From Software’s sandbox RPG, still struggling with the memories of Radagon, the Beast Clergyman, and of course, Malenia. But the Dark Souls and Bloodborne-inspired action-adventure just got a whole lot scarier, as adorable plasticine Pingu now haunts the Lands Between.

Created by Adrian Mendez, a VFX artist at Ubisoft, Elden Ring Pingu – Elden Ringu – is a new, ungodly creation forged in Unity 3D. Rising from behind a sheer cliff, the lovable children’s character is accompanied by the booming sound of Mozart’s Lacrimosa. Wordlessly, or rather, noot-nootlessly, he raises his mighty animated flipper and crushes the poor tarnished in three thundering blows. “YOU DIED” reads the From Software trademark game over screen, without adding a much more appropriate “YOU JUST GOT KILLED BY PINGU”.

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As it stands, this is simply a video made using Unity: “Is this the correct way to use Unity 3D?” Mendez writes on Twitter. “Why NOOT?” However, judging from the responses, both on social media and on YouTube, it won’t be long until you can mod Pingu into your own game – if, for some reason, that’s what you want.

“Never have I wanted something so bad as a mod until now,” writes one viewer. “Omg I need a noot game, now,” says another. We’re not sure where Pingu would fit on our list of Elden Ring bosses in order, but we’d have to say probably at the top, just for sheer terror value.

If you want to get into Elden Ring, check out our guide on tips for beginners, which, obviously, we will have to update now to include a rule about avoiding gigantic animated penguins. We can also help you find all the crystal tears, and all the Elden Ring dungeon locations. Alternatively, you might want to try something from our list of the best RPG games on PC, including Elder Scrolls and The Witcher 3.