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PSA: Elden Ring PvP hackers are handing out dangerous items

Elden Ring PvP hackers are giving players unobtainable items in the FromSoftware open-world RPG, following a similar trend in Dark Souls to try and trigger bans

Elden Ring unobtainable items - Malenia, blade of Miquella, in her golden winged helmet

Be warned of picking up any items left during Elden Ring PvP; hackers appear to be back at their old tricks of handing out unobtainable items in an attempt to get your account banned from the RPG game. This isn’t a completely new trend – previous FromSoftware games including the Dark Souls series have seen hackers drop broken items or otherwise attempt to force them into players’ inventories. These can often trigger cheat detection software, leading to your account being flagged and banning you from online play in the multiplayer games.

Elden Ring players are reporting that a similar trend is currently happening in the open-world game, with the Brave’s Cord Circlet given as one such example. The item, which is supposedly a piece of cut content that is currently not obtainable through regular play, has quite a nice look to it that might see you tempted to keep it. However, the [ERROR] in the item’s name should make it apparent that it’s probably not a good idea to hold onto it.

Upon querying what they should do with such an item left by a PvP opponent, one player is met with an overwhelming number of comments urging them to delete it as soon as possible, though some users warn rather ominously that there’s a chance their account might already have been flagged. In some cases, hacked items have caused rapid responses in FromSoftware games, but it’s possible cut items such as this might not immediately be picked up.

Either way, we’d highly recommend being careful about which items you pick up. Personally I tend to avoid collecting anything from players I don’t know, especially if they’re acting suspiciously. If you do pick things up, Helpfully, several players in the thread offer some alternative fashion options to give a similar look to the item shown.

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