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Elden Ring patch 1.07.1 nerfs ‘Rocky’ PvP build’s Endure effect

Elden Ring patch 1.07.1 nerfs ‘Rocky Balboa’ PvP build with a change to the Endure Ash of War, alongside a tweak to Inescapable Frenzy in the FromSoftware RPG

Elden Ring patch 1.07.1 update notes - D in the Roundtable Hold

Elden Ring patch 1.07.1 has been released by FromSoftware in order to combat the rise of one particular skill in the fantasy game. The ‘Rocky build’ has become one of the more popular PvP builds after a fan video showing the Rocky Balboa-inspired setup made possible by a change to one Ash of War in Elden Ring update 1.07. The first major update in a while to one of the best RPG games of the year buffed the Endure effect alongside a whole wealth of changes, which included the introduction of separate PvP and PvE balancing.

Elden Ring patch 1.07 extended the duration of the Ash of War: Endure. This particular Ash of War can be used with all melee weapons and, once applied, using the Endure skill causes the player to “Assume an anchored stance to brace for incoming attacks, briefly boosting poise. Damage taken while using this skill is reduced.”

As is often the case in complex RPG systems such as those built by FromSoftware, sometimes a seemingly innocuous change can have far-reaching ramifications. The strength of this new build at resisting incoming damage led to some almost unstoppable PvP builds. In particular, one rather excellent and funny video showcasing a fist build with Endure in Rocky Balboa style (complete with training montage) garnered huge popularity on the Elden Ring Reddit. You can see it in action for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

FromSoftware acknowledges that “Adjustments made in patch 1.07 had a greater impact on the game balance than expected,” and has shortened the duration of the effect as a result. While it’s largely unsurprising to see this get hit with the nerf hammer given its strength, the relative speed with which it was addressed is worth noting. Fans comment that it’s “almost like [From] really want PvP balanced well in the near future for some reason,” referring to expectations of Elden Ring PvP arenas following new details uncovered by fans following the release of patch 1.07.

Elsewhere in the patch, the Inescapable Frenzy incantation has had its FP consumption properly reduced in line with the intended changes made in patch 1.07, which were apparently not properly applied at the time. The patch notes also remark that the previous notes have been adjusted for slight inaccuracies, and that the Black Blade incantation is currently missing a follow-up attack when cast from the left hand. FromSoftware says this particular issue will be corrected in a future update.

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