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Snag yourself an Elden Ring Turtle Pope before they’re gone forever

The Elden Ring Turtle Pope is back, as you can own him in all his adorable glory as a brand new soft plush, although we do wish he was lifesize.

The Elden Ring Turtle Pope is the perfect example of how FromSoftware’s RPG games have mastered the art of taking over the internet. By putting a pope hat on a giant turtle, Miyazaki and crew have made an iconic character in Elden Ring, and you can actually snag your very own Turtle Pope right now – with a catch.

If you missed out on the Elden Ring Turtle Pope internet sweep, here’s what happened: Everyone started sharing pictures of NPC Miriel, Pastor of Vows (the Turtle Pope in question) and leaving in-game messages calling them a “dog,” or they were actively calling him Turtle Pope, giving him the status he deserves.

Fast forward a year, and while the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date isn’t in sight, YouTooz has helped immortalize the Elden Ring Turtle Pope with an official nine-inch plush – so now we all have to pay him a visit after making our next Elden Ring build, I don’t make the rules.

Snag yourself an Elden Ring Turtle Pope before they're gone forever

For $29.99, and only available in the United States and Canada, you can have your very own Miriel. Youtooz says he’ll be shipping between Saturday, September 9, and Monday, October 9 this year, adding that he’s “absolutely perfect for cuddling or teaching you the wildest sorceries and incantations!” That will go great with the best Elden Ring weapons, I’m sure.

He’s just absolutely precious, isn’t he? I can’t help but think I absolutely should put down $30 and pre-order the little guy, even if he would be better as a lifesize bean bag, like those massive Snorlax ones you can get.

You can pre-order the Elden Ring Turtle Pope plush over on the Youtooz website right now, with Melina and Iron Fist Alexander (everyone’s favorite Warrior Jar) plushes also available from the open-world game.

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