Elden Ring typo leaves one student at the back of Rennala’s class

A typo in the script for Elden Ring's Rennala boss fight means one of her pitiable students will never be called upon to help power her magic barrier

Elden Ring typo: One of Rennala's 'sweetling' students, wearing academic robes, looks up at the floor and snarls.

If you’ve battled your way through Raya Lucaria, you’ll have faced the Elden Ring boss fight against Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. The fight begins in a library high above the rest of the school, and a group of students assists Rennala in the first phase. Due to a typo in the event script, however, one of these students will never be called upon to help power Rennala’s protective magic shield in From’s RPG game.

Dark Souls modder Grimrukh (who co-authored the massive Dark Souls mod Nightfall) spotted the error while looking through the event script. The students, known as ‘sweetlings,’ crawl around on the floor and fling books at you while you try to get close to Rennala. At any given time, three of the students will be caught up in a trance, chanting and glowing with golden energy, providing power to the barrier that protects their queen.

It’s a random set of students each time Rennala’s shield is powered up, and your job is to find and kill the sweetlings who are providing power to the barrier. Elden Ring’s code assigns each sweetling in the room an ID number, and the event script calls on three IDs from the set each time the barrier charges back up.

However, the sweetling with the ID number 14000830 will never be called on to charge up the shield, because there’s a typo in the script, inserting an extra 2 into the ID number, as Grimrukh shows in a screenshot posted to Twitter.

It’s unclear from the screenshot whether this means only two sweetlings will be called if that number comes up, or if the game will move on and select another when nobody responds to the erroneous ID. In either case, sweetling 14000830 will never be called on, consigned to the back of Rennala’s classroom for eternity – or at least until the player emerges victorious from the second phase of the fight against the demigod.