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Where to find Enshrouded Salt

If you need salt to craft new gear, follow these Enshrouded Salt location steps to fine the white stuff without falling to the dense fog

A salt deposit in an Enshrouded salt mine.

Where can you find Salt in Enshrouded? If you’re going to upgrade your gear or spec yourself down the Ranger tree, it’s a material you’ll need to get comfortable farming. Curing hides requires the stuff, and they’re essential to crafting some of the more advanced pieces of equipment as you make your way out of the early game area and into greyer pastures.

You likely already know the basics of Enshrouded if you’re bumbling around for salt, but it never hurts to brush up on things. Check out how to get Shroud Cores. You’ll need those to upgrade your base into a full-blown village. Or learn where to find Enshrouded Metal Scraps. They’re essential for forging the metal sheets melee fighters need for better armour. Lastly, here’s how to repair weapons and equipment to keep you poised to venture through the shroud.

Where to find Enshrouded Salt

You’ll be given a rough idea of where to find Salt in Enshrouded around the same time you’ll begin to need it.

Talk to the Hunter after placing her in your home. She should have a thing or two to say about the whereabouts of Salt. The best place, believe it or not, is Egerton Salt Mines. But getting into it can be tough.

Mining Salt in Enshrouded.

How to get to Egerton Salt Mines in Enshrouded

The Hunter will mark the rough location of the Egerton Salt Mines on your map – a little while northwest of Braelyn Bridge. You can head in this direction without ever talking to her, but it’s good to have a vague waypoint on your map for easy reference. Heads up: having the glider will make things easier.

From the south side of Braelyn Bridge, just head west until you reach Peaceful Acres and proceed northwest to slowly wrap around the shroud below, heading for the Alchemist’s Tower which should be visible on your left.

Once you’re within reach, you should be free to glide down the cliffs to the north, landing roughly around the best place to mine Salt in Enshrouded. It’s fully covered by the shroud, however, so you’ll need to find the entrance fast, get what you need, and make a swift escape.

The entrance to Egerton Salt Mines is on the west side of the mountain visible in the shroud on the world map.

A pickaxe should be enough to mine several stacks of Salt with time to spare, but bringing a few bombs along can speed up the process.

You should spot a chest and supplies just outside it. Head inside (with a torch) and look out for clusters of white square rocks along the walls. Hit them with your pickaxe or bombs to mine all the Enshrouded Salt you could ever need.

In there, you should be able to quickly gather multiple stacks of Enshrouded Salt. Each stack is 50 Salt, so be sure to have plenty of free slots in your inventory to avoid any slowdowns. Looking for something a little more hardcore? Here are the best survival games on PC right now. Still playing with armed Pokemon? You might prefer the best Palworld mods instead.