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The Epic Store stops you buying too many games too quickly - here’s why

The Epic Store's anti-fraud rules block users from downloading too many games too quickly

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Despite hosting mega sales offering huge discounts, and scooping up lots of juicy store exclusives, the Epic Games Store has been blocking its users for buying too many games. It seems that some users keen to take advantage of Epic’s sale have got a little too greedy for goodies, at least as far the store may be concerned, and triggered a design quirk that cuts them off from buying any more.

In a statement to GameRevolution, Nick Chester, senior PR for Epic, said that the blocking is “a result of our aggressive fraud rules”. Twitch streamer Patrick Boivin has highlighted the issue on Twitter, saying that buying just five games on the Epic store was enough to get his account flagged up as potentially fraudulent, and blocked from indulging any further.

Though contacting player support can help users overcome the hiccup, as per Chester’s suggestions, the issue seems to be part of the site’s fraud prevention design, meaning that users hungry to gobble up multiple titles while they’re at their lower price points could encounter some issues in buying too many too soon.

Boivin further speculated that the issue could be linked to Epic store not having a shopping cart feature. If so, users setting up multiple downloads in a certain period of time could be setting off alarm bells that would otherwise just look like someone enthusiastically stacking up their trolley, so to speak.

It looks like Boivin’s issue has now been resolved with Epic, but he has also highlighted another problem linked to their mega sale. This centres on titles being pulled from the store – while the sale including their games was already going on.

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Affected titles include Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and Borderlands 3, along with others that have had their prices altered,  sometimes for reasons that are not clear yet.