Don’t panic: all those dead Fall Guys are just a little joke

There's a very small chance in Fall Guys that you'll spawn in with hundreds of Mediatonic beans

Picture this vaguely disconcerting scene: you’re minding your own business, queuing up for a new round of Fall Guys. When the show opens, instead of the multicolored, wacky costumed beans you were expecting, there are countless red and green bean people writhing around on the ground, all wearing developer Mediatonic’s logo.

It could happen to you. It certainly happened to a streamer who goes by PrinxessTi, who posted a pair of screenshots to Twitter. Her shots depict dozens of identical beans, all lying on the ground in their green and red Mediatonic uniforms. “I’m very sorry but I think I might have broken your game,” she said.

Mediatonic responded on Twitter, saying it had a team investigating the issue. Then, as it is wont to do when weird things happen in its already weird multiplayer game, the official Fall Guys Twitter account swooped in. It had a confession to make, it said. There is a remote chance that when you begin a round in Fall Guys, you’ll instead spawn in alongside “hundreds” of Mediatonic jelly bean guys at the start of the level.

Why? “We just wanted to give ourselves a cheeky shout out,” Fall Guys explained.

There’s only a “very low probability” of this happening in a given game, so low that “most of you won’t get to see it”, Fall Guys said.

What we will definitely be seeing is Big Yeetus, which arrived yesterday alongside Anti-Cheatus in a mid-season Fall Guys patch that adds a few mutators to the show rounds and ramps up Mediatonic’s cheater interdiction substantially.