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Gamescom – Fall Guys season 2 brings medieval inspired skins and levels

The new season will kick off when the first one ends, which is October 6

A wizard from Fall Guys season 2

We now have a better idea of what’s coming in the second season of Fall Guys. Developer Mediatonic took part in Geoff Keighley Gamescom’s Opening Light Live segment and revealed what’s in store.

If you thought that the lovable bumble royale was Takeshi’s Castle inspired before, it certainly looks like Mediatonic is leaning into that now. There are various wizard and knight themed skins coming, and several of the new levels feature castles, too. One of the levels also looks like it involves pushing blocks around, which is neat. If you’d like to see this all for yourself, then you can check out the video down below.

Thankfully, we have a decent idea of when the Fall Guys season 2 release date is. The first season is set to end October 6, so we reckon that the next season should, more or less, kick off right after. Fall Guys came out just this month, so it’s somewhat surprising to be talking about a new batch of content. That said, the multiplayer game has built up a lot of hype, so it seems wise to keep that going with new content.

The lovable indie game has swiftly become the surprise hit of 2020. The Fall Guys Steam sales have already surpassed seven million, and the game is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game, too.

If figures aren’t your thing, the game’s success can also be measured by the number of game industry folk who want to collaborate with Mediatonic to get a skin. Nier Automata’s Yoko Taro is a personal favourite. What’s sweet, though, is that Mediatonic has turned the wave of popularity into something positive and is challenging people to donate to charity. The brand who donates the most, wins the the Fall Guys skin contest.

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There’s plenty more on the horizon, too. Some members from the Mediatonic team caught up with our sister site The Loadout for a chat, and game designer Joe Walsh says that the team wants to introduce private lobbies to help people run tournaments of their own, though there’s no exact timeframe on this just yet.