Fallout 4 mod feels like an entire mini DLC, with new quests

This Fallout 4 mod is basically a mini-DLC, with voiced NPCs, new quests, weapons, and armor, and a lot more to keep you coming back.

Fallout 4 mod mini DLC: some Fallout power armor with a backpack on

I’ve got yet another excellent Fallout 4 mod for you, and it turns the scavs into an entire faction with quests, voiced NPCs, new guns and apparel, and so much more. The breadth of this mod almost makes it feel like a Bethesda mini-DLC, and it’s got the quality to back that up.

Called Unique Scavs and created by ‘Gerren0’, it “breathes life into the previously random and mundane scavengers” from the Fallout 4 early game. The scavs are now their own faction, essentially, with a settlement, NPCs, weapons, armor, gear, and some quests, too. So if you need another excuse to return to the Commonwealth, this Fallout 4 mod should do the trick.

We’d all be here forever if I listed everything Unique Savs brings to the Bethesda RPG game, but Gerren0 has released a handy video showcasing what you can expect. When you install the mod you’ll be given the quest ‘Next Stop Wonderland,’ and this will introduce you to what the mod has to offer.

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There are eight unique and voiced NPCs with quests, three completely new settlements for the scavs, three new weapons, and loads of new armor pieces and outfits. There are even some new backpacks that you can add modules to, similar to weapons at a workbench, and another for power armor that looks excellent.

A lot is going on in Unique Scavs, and while it’s not an official content drop from Bethesda, it’s a great reason to come back to Fallout 4 and re-experience what the game has to offer.

Fallout 4 mod mini DLC: a player in scav armor in from of a doorway

If you want even more mods I took a look at the one that puts the whole New Vegas map in Fallout 4 recently, along with another mod that completely overhauls power armor to be much improved.

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