Fallout 76 is free to play as Bethesda celebrates an RPG anniversary

Fallout 76 is free to play this week as Bethesda celebrates the 25th anniversary of the survival RPG with giveaways and new quests for Fallout Shelter

Fallout 76 is free to play as Bethesda celebrates an RPG anniversary: A hero wearing power armour in Bethesda RPG Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is now free to play for a week as developer Bethesda marks 25 years of the apocalypse, survival RPG by also offering a range of giveaways and sales, and launching new quests for Fallout Shelter.

In news that’s bound to make PC players feel more than a little old, it’s now a full quarter of a century since Fallout first emerged from the metaphorical vault and launched in its original, isometric version all the way back in 1997. Fallout 4, Fallout 3, and the iconic Fallout: New Vegas have all followed in its wake, as well as online FPS Fallout 76, which is going free to play from October 4 until October 10.

Despite some troubles at launch, successive updates and the new Pitt expansion have transformed Fallout 76 into a solid, engrossing online RPG, and if you’ve been tempted to wade into Appalachia in the past but put off by the potential expenditure, this is the perfect chance to sample Bethesda’s multiplayer hit without any risk. There is also a new update to management game Fallout Shelter – for the first time in four years, Bethesda is gracing the game with some extra content, including an added quest line which sees you take on the series’ trademark aliens.

Other games in the Fallout series are also on offer on Steam, and players have until October 18 to take advantage of a range of discounts. Naturally, as we wait on Bethesda’s next big RPG and further information on the Starfield release date, this is a great time to reacclimatise yourself with the developer’s free-roaming, explorative, and choice-driven style, especially if you freshen the experience up with some of the best Fallout 4 mods.

Otherwise, you might want to try some of the other best sandbox games, or maybe start prepping yourself with knowledge of Starfield cities and Starfield traits, as the space-faring adventure is due to arrive – hopefully – in the not-too-distant future.