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Fallout 76 Shakespearean sonnet festival set for Sept. 4

A Fallout 76 Shakespearean festival will feature players performing the bard's sonnets that correspond to their favourite Fallout vaults

Fallout 76 Shakespearean Sonnet festival: A woman stands in front of a home-made stage with 'The Vaults' displayed in lights on the backdrop

A troupe of in-game actors will hold a Fallout 76 Shakespearean sonnet festival this weekend, and you’ll be able to watch online. The Wasteland Theatre Company, which has helped staged productions of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth in the MMORPG, will co-host the festival alongside YouTubers HamletSandwich and Jessica-Star. The event is being produced by Fallout Five-0, a Fallout-themed machinima production team.

While the group has put together Fallout sonnet festivals before, this one has a twist: each actor will recite the sonnet that corresponds to the number of their favourite Fallout vault. In other words, if you consider Fallout 4’s Vault 111 to be your true Wasteland home, you’d be reading ‘O, for my sake do you with Fortune chide’.

Fallout 76 doesn’t support full cross-platform play, so there will be separate events for PC and Xbox players. The PC event will feature YouTuber HamletSandwich, while the Xbox event will be co-hosted by YouTuber Jessica-Star.

You find more information about the event at Fallout Five-0’s official site, which also has a sign-up form if you’re interested in taking part. The event will be live streamed on the United Wastelanders Network Twitch channel. The festival will kick off at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST.

The Wasteland Theater Company kindly supplied the top image for this story, which shows off their latest theatre build – appropriately enough, it’s based on The Vaults theatre located under Waterloo Station in London.