Fallout: New Vegas mod makes every NPC in Obsidian RPG try to kill you

A Fallout: New Vegas mod turns the Obsidian RPG into a desperate survival horror game as every NPC becomes hostile and tries to kill you, perfect for Halloween

Fallout: New Vegas mod makes every NPC in Obsidian RPG try to kill you: Benny, voiced by Matthew Perry in Fallout: New Vegas, holds a coin in front of The Courier

A new Fallout: New Vegas mod turns every single NPC in the Obsidian RPG into a hostile enemy, transforming your often peaceful trek through the Mojave into a brutal survival horror game, and a brand new Halloween challenge for Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls fans as we wait – and wait – for Bethesda and the precious Starfield release date.

Appropriately titled Nightmare Mode, this Fallout mod by PlatinumShadow comes with an ominous “happy Halloween” message, and a full, unnerving list of all its features. “In Nightmare mode,” PlatinumShadow explains, “all NPCs and creatures are enemies. That means no doctors, no merchants, no factions, and no followers. To progress, you’ll have to sneak or kill in order to scavenge and survive in a world where everything wants you dead.”

The entirety of Fallout: New Vegas and its accompanying DLCs can be completed in Nightmare Mode, which means a select few characters, vital to story progression, will not be hostile. We’ve counted them. There are ten – ten NPCs, across the whole New Vegas oeuvre, that won’t try to murder you on sight. Apart from that, you’re on your own.

“As soon as character creation is finished, a message will notify you that Nightmare Mode is active, making (almost) all entities hostile by default,” continues PlatinumShadow. “Anything that detects you will try to kill you so you’ll have to scavenge enough ammo, medicine, and supplies to survive. Pair it with Hardcore Mode and your favourite difficulty overhauls for a truly brutal experience.”

So, if you fancy the ultimate survival game, or maybe just want to find out what it would be like if absolutely everyone hated you, like roleplaying the writers of Game of Thrones season eight, you can download Nightmare Mode from Nexus Mods right now.

Alternatively, you might want to try some of the other best New Vegas mods, or maybe some Halloween games to help get you in the mood for the end of the spooky season. We have also have more news on Bethesda’s next RPG opus courtesy of our guide to Starfield cities, where hopefully the NPCs won’t all be hostile murderers.