Far Cry 5’s first live event is about barbecue

Far Cry 5 bull

The first live event for Far Cry 5 is underway and it involves “cooking” animals – although possibly in the most upsetting ways possible.

Here’s our guide to Far Cry 5’s perk system and how to earn perk points.

Called “Well Done,” this initial live event tasks players with setting as many of the game’s wide variety of animals on fire. The catch is, you have to do it without using molotov cocktails or a flamethrower. Igniting 20 animals will unlock a unique flamethrower in the game called the Flamebearer.

But if this strikes you, like it does me, as being a bit on the “future serial killer” side of the spectrum of Far Cry activities, you can still benefit from the event. Far Cry 5 has been selling rather well, and Ubisoft set a community goal of 50,000 animals set on fire to unlock the event’s other reward, the Flamebearer outfit. Unsurprisingly, Far Cry’s 5’s five million-odd players blew by this goal almost immediately, and as of this writing the global total stands at 1,090,338. This means you’ll unlock the outfit just by showing up.

Both the personal and community goals also reward silver bars, Far Cry 5’s premium currency. The event is running until noon (Eastern time) Tuesday. To participate, load your Far Cry 5 save and open the menu. You can accept the “Well Done” quest in the Online tab under Live Events.