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Far Cry 6 expansion Lost Between Worlds is a multiverse metroidvania

The Far Cry 6 expansion Lost Between Worlds release date arrives next week, and the FPS game has just added some new features like New Game+ and a free trial

Far Cry 6 expansion Lost Between Worlds release date: Dani is shrouded with mysterious magenta light in the darkened forest

Ubisoft has revealed the first major Far Cry 6 expansion, Lost Between Worlds. The DLC adds a new storyline to the FPS game, tossing hero Dani into an alien multiverse version of Yara where they’ll have to fight and explore in order to return to reality. Plus, some major new features have been added to Far Cry 6 today, including New Game+ mode and a chunky free trial.

In a Far Cry 6 update that’s out now, new features have been added, including the much-requested New Game+ mode that allows you to replay the campaign with all the weapons and gear you’ve already unlocked. The update also includes a free trial, so anyone can jump in and play the first island in the campaign.

Far Cry 6 expansion Lost Between Worlds release date is December 6, and it adds a wild new sci-fi story and all-new mechanics. It starts out with Dani investigating what appears to be a meteor impact on Yara, but they quickly learn that this ‘meteor’ is actually a crashed alien spacecraft – and Dani is yanked inside an ‘encasement’ suspended between fractured realities.

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All that setup ultimately pays off with a series of levels, or ‘rifts,’ that Dani must explore in order to avoid a five million year prison sentence, trapped in a crystal with a disembodied alien intelligence. By exploring the rifts, Dani can collect shards to repair the alien’s vessel and return to Yara. Each rift has a different simulated version of Yara within it, and by returning shards to the alien, Dani will earn new abilities and gear that allow them to open new routes through the levels and passageways to new areas.

The new areas all appear crystal-themed in the trailer, and so do the new enemies and weapons. The simulation’s enemies all have either red or blue crystals growing on them, and you’ll need to match your weapon’s colour to the enemies you’re fighting in order to do maximum damage.

Lost Between Worlds will be available for $19.99 or your regional equivalent, or you can pick up the complete package, which includes the Far Cry 6 base game, season pass, and the new expansion for 60% off during the current sale, which puts it at $49.99. You can access the free trial through Ubisoft Connect.

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