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FIFA 23 chemistry guide

The FIFA 23 chemistry system has received a complete overhaul. This guide goes through everything you need to get the most out of your Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 chemistry: Two players shaking hands on the pitch

The FIFA 23 chemistry system has received its biggest overhaul since the beginning of Ultimate Team. No longer will you have to sweat over getting the right player for the right position just for chemistry’s sake, as the new system in the football game is a lot more forgiving, with nobody being penalised for being out of position or alone in their league/nationality. You can now truly build your Ultimate Team.

In previous games, squads were often limited thanks to the weight of chemistry links needing to be perfect to avoid a negative impact on your players, even for icons who naturally got a chemistry boost. Thankfully, EA has two-footed those shackles off the pitch in the biggest shake-up to chemistry since its conception. Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 chemistry system..

Positional chemistry links are gone

No doubt the most significant change is the removal of positional chemistry links. Historically, this rigidity forced you to link players who line up alongside each other on the pitch via their league or nation. Failure to get green links would negatively impact your player’s chemistry rating, and thus, their in-game stats.

In practice, this has led to repetitive teams and a narrow meta that has ensured most competitive players use the same tried and tested combinations. FIFA 23 switches this up by removing positional links, now having chemistry defined by everyone in your squad.

For example, Liverpool’s full-back duo of Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold wouldn’t share any link in the FIFA 22 system due to them being on opposite sides of the pitch. That seems like something of an oversight when you consider the gut-busting defenders have been a key part of Liverpool’s success in recent years.

FIFA 23 has changed this up. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold will positively impact each other’s chemistry rating on FIFA 23 as a full-pitch view is taken instead. Players will have between zero and three chemistry (ditching the old 10-point system), highlighted by three diamonds on each FUT card. A handy panel on the left side of the FUT tactics screen will provide you with a snapshot of each player’s chemistry rating. No more amber and red links ruining the view.

FIFA 23 chemistry: how the new squad view looks, with the three dots identifying chemistry points

Negative chemistry is no more

EA’s desire to promote creativity and fresh teams thankfully doesn’t stop there. Fans will rejoice at the confirmation that your squad will no longer suffer negative impacts if they aren’t on the highest chemistry rating possible. All players will perform at their base stats even if they have zero chemistry with the rest of your team.

This essentially means you will no longer be forced to rip up your entire XI if you want to try out different players. New in-form Robert Lewandowski on the market but your team is made up of Premier League stars, none of whom hail from Poland? The Barcelona striker could now be worth a shot.

Secondary positions

To up the customisation options even more, most players on FIFA 23 will be equipped with a secondary position that mimics their versatility in real life. Fancy moving Manchester City marauder Joao Cancelo from left-back to right-back? Now you can. Do you think left-winger Heung Min Son would be the perfect solution to your conundrum in the centre-forward spot? Make the switch.

The most adaptable players can have up to three secondary positions. Gareth Southgate’s dream to play a full-back in every position may finally come true.

FUT Icons and Heroes

A couple of tweaks have also been made to how chemistry works for FUT Icons and Heroes. Although these legendary names have always been straightforward to fit into teams due to their easier chemistry restraints, it’s worth noting how to get the maximum potential out of them in FIFA 23.

Icons and Heroes will always receive full chemistry if they are playing in the right position. Both also provide an extra boost; Icons will count as two players towards their nation and Heroes will count as two players for their league. While a meta will quickly show itself, it’s exciting to see how greater variety and tactical options play out.

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