FIFA 23 Heroes: every confirmed player so far, Marvel Heroes, and more

Build your Ultimate Team using FIFA 23 Heroes, the latest batch of retired players who recently made a mark on their respective leagues

FIFA 23 Heroes: Yaya Tourè, Park Ji-Sung, and Ricardo Carvalho's heroes cards in FIFA 23

Excited to discover who made it onto the FIFA 23 Heroes list? FUT Heroes are a special group of players that left a lasting impression on their league with their extraordinary talents. These players share a number of similarities with FIFA 23 Icons, however, there are plenty of key differences that you need to be aware of before signing your own Hero.

FIFA 23 Heroes tend to feature lower stats compared to Icons, and they don’t have the same level of freedom that Icon cards do when it comes to slotting into teams. You need to pair Heroes up with players from their respective league or nation in order to obtain max chemistry, whereas Icons can fit into any team without facing restrictions. Here’s a list of confirmed players joining the FIFA 23 Heroes list.

Confirmed FIFA 23 Heroes

EA has confirmed the following players are going to be available as FIFA 23 Heroes:

  • Yaya Tourè
  • Park Ji-Sung
  • Ricardo Carvalho
  • Claudio Marchisio

It looks like the standard for Hero cards has risen in FIFA 23, with all three returning players having won the Premier League during their careers. There are a number of Heroes in FIFA 22 that barely won anything during their time in the league, despite being regarded as crucial players for the clubs they played for, including Robbie Keane and Tim Cahill. With the addition of the World Cup FUT Hero cards, there could be some FIFA 22 Heroes that might not make the cut this time around.

FIFA 23 Heroes: Claudio Marchisio stands with his hands on his hips in the Juventus Stadium

Claudio Marchisio is the latest Hero to be added to the FIFA 23 roster. Marchisio joins FIFA 23 alongside Juventus and the Allianz Stadium, replacing Piemonte Calcio for the first time in three years.

World Cup FIFA 23 Heroes

Players will have access to FIFA World Cup FUT Hero cards from November 11, ten days before the real World Cup begins. Similar to Icon Prime Moments cards, the World Cup cards represent a famous performance on the world’s biggest stage, specifically from the FIFA 23 Heroes.

For example, Park Ji-Sung’s World Cup card could be based on his performance in the 2010 group stage match against Greece. Ji-Sung scored South Korea’s second goal of the game, becoming the first Asian player to score in three consecutive World Cup finals.

FIFA 23 Heroes: The Marvel logo found on official FIFA 23 promotional material

FIFA 23 Marvel Heroes

Shortly after EA announced the latest Heroes in FIFA 23, images surfaced on Google Images containing promotional material with the Marvel logo attached. It’s unclear what this promotion could entail, but it most likely relates to in-game tifos, badges, and stadium banners featuring Marvel Heroes.

FIFA 23 Heroes Availability

Just like in FIFA 22, it looks like the FIFA 23 Heroes are going to be available in Ultimate Team from launch. There were multiple types of Heroes cards in FIFA 22, so we expect to see different versions of these cards as FIFA 23 progresses. The FUT Captain Hero cards in FIFA 22 were released late into the football season, giving each Hero a 90+ rated card to match the game’s current power level.

That’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 Heroes. EA has revealed lots of information about the football game, including the FIFA 23 system requirements and confirmation that crossplay is supported for the first time in the series. If you fancy getting your hands on FIFA 23 early access to start building your Ultimate Team before your mates, you can find out more in our guide.