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The best FIFA 23 goalkeepers to sign in career mode

You can only have one of the best FIFA 23 goalkeepers on the pitch at any one time, but ensuring they’re a brick wall is important to keep clean sheets

Best FIFA 23 goalkeepers: Robert Sanchez throwing the ball out

Looking for the best FIFA 23 goalkeepers? It’s all well and good banging in 3 goals every game with your star-studded front three, but if you’re conceding 4 goals every game in return, you’ll be destined for rock bottom come the end of the season in career mode. Your goalkeeper is the final line of defence when your opponent is through on goal in this football game, so it’s important you’ve got the right one between the sticks.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the best goalkeepers for each budget, so whether you’re managing Real Madrid or Reading, we’ve got you covered, detailing their stats, value, expected wages, and why we think they’re worth picking up. So without further ado, here are the best goalkeepers to sign for every budget.

Best FIFA 23 goalkeepers: Donnarumma making a save in the top corner

Best goalkeepers £50m+

These goalkeepers are two of the absolute best in the world who still have room to grow, but they’re going to set you back a pretty penny.

Gianluigi Donnarumma – Paris Saint Germain (88 OVR – 92 POT)

If you’re playing career mode, you’re probably planning for the future as well as the present, and need a goalkeeper to stand the test of time – look no further than Gianluigi Donnarumma. The Euro 2020 winner starts with an overall rating of 88, and with a potential of 92, you can guarantee he’ll be one of the best keepers in the game. Plus, at only 23, he’ll be your top choice keeper for years to come, arguably making his value a bargain in the long-run.

Value: £110m
Wage: £130k

Mike Maignan – AC Milan (87 OVR – 90 POT)

Not quite reaching the heights of Donnarumma’s potential, Mike Maignan is still nothing to be sniffed at. With an overall rating of 87, Maignan matches many of Donnarumma’s stats (and actually has decently higher kicking) for a fraction of the price. And with a potential rating of 92, while he won’t be the best of the best, you’ll still be getting one of the top keepers in the world for a significantly lower fee, if you’d rather spend your money in other parts of the pitch.

Value: £85m
Wage: £95k

Best FIFA 23 goalkeepers: Kobel kicking the ball

Best goalkeepers £20m-50m

Slightly more room to grow with these shot-stoppers, but you’ll still need a significant cash investment to sign them.

Gregor Kobel – Borussia Dortmund (83 OVR – 88 POT)

Gregor Kobel recently took over Switzerland’s goalkeeping duties from veteran keeper Yann Sommer, and it’s not hard to see why. Dortmund’s shot-stopper’s 88 reflexes, 84 diving and 81 reactions make him a difficult prospect for any striker, and with the potential to grow to a rating of 88, he’s certainly one for the future. The perfect player for a team pushing for European places that doesn’t have the money to blow on the likes of Donnarumma and Maignan.

Value: £48m
Wage: £55k

Diogo Costa – FC Porto (79 OVR – 86 POT) £25m

You might not know the name Diogo Costa if you don’t follow Portuguese football, but the Porto goalkeeper can certainly perform on the big stage. A solid overall rating of 79 is backed up by good all-around stats and a great 83 reflexes, while a potential of 86 means he has room to grow. If you’re a newly promoted team to a top 5 league, Costa could take your team over time from relegation battles to European finishes – a great signing.

Value: £25m
Wage: £18k

Best FIFA 23 goalkeepers: Muller pushing the ball round the left post


Two names you’ll undoubtedly recognise here if you pay attention to top league football, and both ‘keepers are arguably have lower stats than they deserve in FIFA 23.

Robert Sanchez – Brighton & Hove Albion (77 OVR – 83 POT)

One of the key figures in Brighton’s defensive overachievement in the past few seasons, Robert Sanchez’s stellar form hasn’t translated to his FIFA 23 rating – all the better for Career Mode managers. His 77 overall rating provides a solid, well-rounded player, and despite being a feature in the Premier League for several seasons now, at only 24 he can still grow to a further 83 rating. A decent player for a bargain price, especially if you can manage to tempt him down to the Championship for a promotion push.

Value: £15m
Wage: £40k

Florian Müller – VfB Stuttgart (76 OVR – 80 POT)

At first glance Florian Müller’s stats are nothing to write home about – and they’re not. Why he’s on this list, however, is he’s available for a bargain price of only £9m. For that, you can get yourself a player on par with several top division keepers such as Ilan Meslier or Dean Henderson, and the potential to grow to a rating of 80. If you’re in need of a solid, second division keeper and don’t have the money to splash out on an out-and-out wonderkid, Müller could be the man you’re looking for.

Value: £9m
Wage: £18k

Best FIFA 23 goalkeepers: Vandevoort kicking the ball out of his hands


Finally, these bargain buys are young talents with an incredibly high ceiling. You’ll still need a little bit of cash – our best free agents guide covers those who only require wages – but these are certainly investments for the future.

Maarten Vandevoordt – K.R.C. Genk (70 OVR – 84 POT)

With a starting overall rating of 70, Maarten Vandevoordt wouldn’t exactly stand out amongst the average Championship goalkeepers, but at only 20 years old, he has the potential for some incredible growth, all the way up to a rating of 84. For a team in need of a keeper with a few million in the bank, Vandevoordt can immediately slot in between the posts, and will improve over time with your team – train him right and it’ll be a long time before you’re on the hunt for a replacement.

Value: £3m
Wage: £8k

Lucas Chevalier – LOSC Lille (67 OVR – 83 POT) £1.25m

The case for Lucas Chevalier is very much the same as the case for Maarten Vandevoordt, just with a lower cost. With an overall rating of 67, Chevalier may not even be up to standard for a Championship-level side, but at nearly a third of the price, he’s available to a much higher number of clubs, and just like Vandevoordt, can improve drastically with a whopping potential growth of 16 all the way to 83. For a League 1 level club with the budget to bag him, he’ll immediately be one of the best stoppers in the league, and if you’re a promotion hopeful, a loan-to-buy might even help you wait until you have a bit more cash before you make the transfer – a bargain if we ever saw one.

Value: £1.2m
Wage: £6k

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