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FIFA 23 leveling overhaul lets you earn Pro XP in Volta

A major FIFA 23 leveling overhaul is changing the way players can develop their Pros, speeding up the process and making it work alongside Volta and offline

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A major FIFA 23 leveling overhaul is on the way with the latest edition of EA’s soon-to-be-renamed football game series. In FIFA 23, you’ll be able to develop your Pro Clubs player in a bunch of new ways, including in Volta Football and new skill games.

In the past, Pro Clubs has been FIFA’s more authentic football experience, whilst Volta is a more arcadey, casual mode to play with friends or random opponents online. EA says this year, FIFA 23 will be bringing the two modes closer together, allowing players to earn experience points for their Pros while playing the more street-themed Volta Football mode.

In addition to developing your Pro in Volta, you can also take things offline and earn XP in 66 skill games. These quick training exercises can even be used while waiting in a Pro Clubs lobby, so you’ll have something to do while your game fills up.

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You’ll earn player XP for completing skill games, and those will reset on a weekly basis – that means more opportunities to level up your Pro.

Additionally, EA says it’s listened to feedback from players who’ve said that it takes too long to level up in general. You won’t need as much XP to level up in FIFA 23, and the amount of XP you’ll need to hit the max level has been reduced overall.

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Volta itself has six new arcade games coming in FIFA 23, including Dribble King, Obstacle Course, Foot Golf, Four-Squares, Battle Buckets, and Capture the Ball. Again, playing these with your Pro will earn player XP to take back to Pro Clubs.

EA says it has nothing to further to announce about FIFA 23 crossplay, so we may be in for a bit of a wait before we see that introduced to the game.