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How to do a FIFA 23 power shot

The FIFA 23 power shot is a new high-risk, high-reward mechanic that enables players to score long-range goals with ease if performed correctly

How to do a FIFA 23 power shot: a football player winds up to take a powerful shot

The FIFA 23 power shot is a new feature for this year’s football game, and it’s essentially a new way for players to score some absolute worldies from outside the box. There is a caveat, however, as the power shot is difficult to get on target unless you know what you’re doing, and your aim is true.

The power shot is a way of rewarding those players who may have good long shot stats, but low finishing, and brings a new dynamic to underutilised midfielders in the same way that the new lengthy acceleration archetype does. As previously mentioned, scoring a power shot can seem simple at first, but without good aim and enough space to manoeuvre you may look foolish. Here’s how to perform a power shot in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 power shot explained

Power shots are a new, manual way of striking the ball. It requires a lot of time to get going as the kick has a large wind-up, and the aiming system doesn’t automatically place the ball on target. Because of that, you should only attempt a power shot if you know there is enough space to complete the animation, otherwise your opponent will have an easy time winning the ball back.

To perform a power shot, simply hold L1 + R1 (or LB + RB on an Xbox controller) and press Circle (or B). You’ll have some time to aim the left stick while the player winds up for the shot but make sure it’s in the general direction of the goal, otherwise you’ll end up putting it out for a throw-in.

If performed correctly, a power shot can look unbelievable (think Cristiano Ronaldo vs Porto), with your players unleashing unstoppable strikes against a helpless goalkeeper. The power shot takes into account the long shot stats of a player if it’s taken from outside the box, and finishing if inside.

How to do a FIFA 23 power shot: a football player dressed in blue takes a powerful shot on goal

How to disable the power shot camera

Initially, the camera will zoom in whenever a player attempts a power shot. This can get distracting, especially during a hectic game. To turn the camera zoom off, go to Customisation > Game Settings > Camera > Power Shot Zoom: OFF.

Best players to use for power shots

If you’re looking for the best players for scoring from outside the box, here are the players with the best long shot stats in FIFA 23:

Player Position Team Long Shots
Kevin De Bruyne CM (CAM) Manchester City (Premier League) 91
Lionel Messi RW (RM) PSG (Ligue 1) 91
Cristiano Ronaldo ST (CF) Manchester Utd (Premier League) 90
Heung Min Son LW (LM) Spurs (Premier League) 89
Paulo Dybala CF (CAM, ST) Roma (Serie A) 88
Parejo CM Villarreal (LaLiga) 88
Bruno Fernandes CAM (CM) Manchester United (Premier League) 88

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