Steam sale pairs super cheap FIFA 23 with free stickers

The Steam Sports Fest sale offers avid sports game fans some of the best deals yet on the likes of FIFA, and, more importantly, there's free stickers.

FIFA 23 players celebrating in-game

The Steam Sports Fest sale is officially up on the storefront, bringing with it some historically low prices for sports games on PC. From well-known titles like FIFA 23 dropping in price by more than 50% to free daily stickers for all Steam users, the sports sale is sure to draw the attention of various players.

While many games are currently listed at historically low prices, there are some notable drops deserving mention. FIFA 23 is marked down by a whopping 70% coming in at $21 / £18. This is the lowest price that FIFA 23 has ever sold for on PC.

Other sporty games with significant sales include NBA 2K23 for $10 / £8 at 84% off, PGA Tour 2K23 for $20 / £16.50 at 67% off, and Football Manager 2023 for $36 / £27 at 40% off. If none of these interest you, Steam is treating the term “sports” loosely and offering other less conventional titles on discount, too.

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For instance, you can grab a hunting game like The Hunter: Call of the Wild for just $6 / £6 at an impressive 70% off. Games such as Descenders, on sale for $7.50 / £6 and Skatebird, on sale for $10 / £8, are also available at high discounts. You can view all of these and more on the Steam store itself here.

The Steam Sports Fest sale is set to last from between May 15 and May 22 at 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST / 5 PM CEST. Be sure to grab any games that catch your eye or be like me and log on for that sweet daily sticker.

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