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Final Fantasy 16 PC release date is “soon,” Yoshi-P says

While he didn't give any specifics, Final Fantasy 16 producer Yoshi-P confirmed that the PC version of the epic RPG will be released before too long.

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While we’re going to have to keep waiting for the date and time, Final Fantasy producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida has confirmed that the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is on the way and coming “soon.”

Speaking at a panel at PAX East in Boston, Yoshi-P hit on a range of topics related to Final Fantasy 16, primarily about the upcoming DLC chapter for the RPG game, The Rising Tide. That’ll be launching for PlayStation 5 on April 18.

Final Fantasy fans on PC were hoping to get a firm Final Fantasy 16 PC release date at the panel, but Square Enix apparently isn’t quite ready to make that announcement just yet. However, as the panel closed, Yoshi-P thanked players who have already played the game.

“To those who already played the game, thank you so much for your support,” Yoshi-P said through his translator. “We are going to be releasing a PC version soon, and so your continued support on that is definitely appreciated as well.”

The panel can be viewed below in full. If you’re on a mobile device, scrub to the 1:16:10 mark for the brief comments on the PC launch.

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On PC, Final Fantasy XVI will be pretty demanding, and you’ll definitely want to be running it off an SSD. A Final Fantasy XVI PC demo is also in the works, so you’ll be able to try it out before buying.

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