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FFXIV 6.3 patch details and everything in Live Letter 74

Naoki Yoshida reveals the FFXIV 6.3 patch details and release date for the MMORPG in Live Letter 74 including the title, new story content, and a fifth Ultimate

FFXIV 6.3 patch details, everything in Live Letter 74 - Zero, a pale Reaper in a black outfit and large hat

The FFXIV 6.3 patch details, release date, and more have been unveiled by game director Naoki Yoshida in the Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter 74. Joined as always by community producer Toshio Murouchi, Yoshi-P details what fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG can expect to see in the next major update. The livestream revealed plenty of exciting news, including the patch title, new MSQ content, a fifth Ultimate, the next part of the Alliance Raid series, a new Deep Dungeon, PvP tweaks, and additional crafting and gathering updates for the multiplayer game.

FFXIV 6.3 ‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’ releases in January 2023. Yoshida says it should be early in the month but, asked by an enthusiastic user in chat whether January 3 is possible, he says, “No – I’d personally be okay with that, but it’s a bit… you know.” He explains that it would be too stressful to release the patch by the end of 2022 and that he does not want to push the team too hard over the holiday season. Yoshida also remarks that this Live Letter is the first part of the patch 6.3 reveal, meaning that there will only be screenshots, with in-game footage to come in the next Live Letter.

Yoshida notes that players can expect the usual continuation of the main scenario quest, new sidequests, and all the usual such additions. Tataru’s Grand Endeavor and the Tales of Newfound Adventure will both continue, along with yet more Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures in patch 6.35, when we will also see Tribal quests arriving for the crafting classes involving Endwalker’s lovable Loporrits. Yoshida adds that he was happy to see that newcomer Zero has become very popular among fans.

The new MSQ Dungeon is called Lapis Manalis, with screenshots showing a snowy outdoor area and a rocky, blue-tinged cavern. The translators note that the Japanese name for it includes “snow mountain,” giving hints about what we might see. There will also be a new trial and matching extreme, although the details on this are kept under wraps for now. The next Unreal Trial is Sophia in Containment Bay P1T6, continuing the trend of Warring Triad bosses in the classic-difficulty Unreals. Yoshida comments that there is “So much brain training in this fight” while Murouchi recalls “A lot of gimmicks and mechanics in this one.”

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - a cavern full of rocky outcroppings with a vivid blue glow

Also announced is the fifth Ultimate Duty – typically the most challenging endgame content in FFXIV. As with previous Ultimates, this will arrive two weeks after the release of patch 6.3. There are currently no details on who it will be, though Yoshida says he hopes to reveal more in the next Live Letter. The pair joke about some suggestions in the comments, such as a ‘Cape Westwind Ultimate’ and a ‘Tataru Ultimate’ – of the latter, Yoshida laughs, “How many clones would she have to make?”

A new Deep Dungeon is on the way in patch 6.35, called Eureka Orthos. Players will have to complete both the base Endwalker MSQ and progress to floor 50 of Palace of the Dead in order to undertake Eureka Orthos. Yoshida says that players should view PotD as a “tutorial for the game mode.” He notes that because alt jobs can be levelled in the Deep Dungeon, you will also need to be level 81+ to enter. Murouchi also remarks on the recent completion of the ultra-hard FFXIV mode solo by a player on all the game’s base classes.

Patch 6.3, as an odd-numbered update, will also see the next stage in the 24-player Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm. Yoshida says the previous entry proved much more popular among players than the team had anticipated. There will also be a new Treasure Dungeon for treasure hunters called The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon, which may be accessed through an Elpis-centric treasure map. Meanwhile, fans of the Gold Saucer will be able to take part in a new course for jumping puzzle Leap of Faith.

Duty Support is being added for the remaining Heavensward dungeons, allowing players to enjoy the content with story-relevant NPC companions. Yoshida also remarks that a redesign is in the works for the third boss of the Aetherochemical Research Facility, but emphasises that “No, we’re not changing history” in response to jokes in chat.

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - a stone structure featuring a wheel of the twelve gods

Paladin is going to see some adjustments – speaking about job adjustments, Yoshida initially remarks that “There are no plans currently for big changes” but then corrects himself to note that “Actually Paladin rotation will change a lot, it will fully change.” Several comments ask Yoshida about potential updates to FFXIV’s limited Blue Mage job, to which he answers that “We will do Blue Mage at some point but please wait a bit more.”

There will also be adjustments made to PvP actions ahead of the beginning of PvP series three and season five of Crystalline Conflict. A new Kugane arena is shown off for Crystalline Conflict, which seemingly includes piles of gil scattered across the floor, suggesting that perhaps a mechanic involving Yojimbo might be in the works.

Gatherers and crafters can look forward to new custom deliveries in patch 6.3, with ‘Tool Enhancement quests’ promised for 6.35. Yoshida remarks that Skysteel is making a return there. There are also lots of quality of life tweaks for fishing to make more details visible in the Fish Guide, along with the introduction of spearfishing in Upper La Noscea – making it the first region from base A Realm Reborn to allow diving.

FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary is getting plenty of updates, too, though Yoshida promises that players can expect to see even more in patch 6.4. You can now collect all nearby yields and drops at once, and there are plenty of new materials, items, crops, animals, structures, and more to discover. Three such creatures are shown off – a Griffin that Yoshida suggests might damage the environment, a Tiger that he says “might destroy everything you’ve built if you leave it alone,” and a tiny Morbol that he implies might multiply if left to its own devices.

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - a tiger with glowing red eyes on a sunny island

More regular player housing is on the way, too, with an expected total of 1800 plots across six wards and a further six subdivisions to be added to each World that will be distributed through the usual housing lottery system.

Some big quality of life tweaks are coming to the game’s UI. Firstly, damage types will now be displayed on both the battle log and the ‘flying text’ that appears, detailing whether damage dealt is physical, magic, or unique in type. There’s a new option to display the remaining time on buffs and debuffs in the party list, with Yoshida commenting that “I don’t want to be told, ‘We’re using third party tools because the feature is not in the game,’ so here you go!” There’s also a third UI theme on the way, although it isn’t shown off today, and player’s adventurer portraits will now be displayed when matching for group activities.

Rounding things out, there are several nice tweaks for fashion accessories, glamours, and dyes. Yoshida says that the team discovered a bug in testing the use of actions while holding fashion accessories and isn’t sure if it will be fixed by 6.3. However, you will now much more easily be able to glam and dye your retainers’ gear, as well as glamouring your own gear from your retainers’ inventories directly.

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - a blob-like creature covered in leaves making a shocked face, surrounded by fairies

FFXIV 6.3 patch notes – Live Letter 74

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 is titled ‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’ and releases in January 2023. All below updates are scheduled for patch 6.3 release unless otherwise stated.

Quests, Trials, and Duties

  • Continuation of Main Scenario Quest.
  • Continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.
  • Continuation of Tales of Newfound Adventure.
  • Continuation of Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (patch 6.35).
  • New Tribal quests for Loporrits (patch 6.35).
  • New MSQ dungeon, Lapis Manalis.
  • New trials, ??? and ??? (extreme) – boss identity kept secret.
  • New unreal trial, Containment Bay P1T6 (Unreal).
  • Continuation of alliance raid, Myths of the Realm part two.
  • Ultimate duty five (two weeks after 6.3 release).
  • New deep dungeon, Eureka Orthos (patch 6.35).
  • New Treasure Dungeon, The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon.
  • Duty Support added for remaining Heavensward dungeons – The Great Gubal Library, Sohr Khai, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, Xelphatol, The Antitower, and Baelsar’s Wall.

Job adjustments, balance, and PvP

  • Balance changes for Paladin rotation.
  • Adjustments to PvP actions.
  • Beginning of PvP series three.
  • Season five of Crystalline Conflict.
  • New Crystalline Conflict arena in Kugane.
  • Cloud Nine will appear less frequently in CC map rotation.

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - Hildibrand looks up at a glowing light next to a tiny blue creature

Crafting and Gathering

  • Tool enhancement quests (patch 6.35).
  • New custom deliveries.
  • Collectability values will be displayed for reference when gathering collectable items.
  • Primary fishing locations, preferred bait, and additional conditions will be added to the Fish Guide.
  • New spearfishing location will be added to Upper La Noscea, making it the first area from A Realm Reborn to allow diving.

Island Sanctuary

  • New sanctuary ranks and visions.
  • New item rewards, materials, crops, animals, isleworks handicrafts, and structures.
  • Improved workshop interfaces (agenda/supply and demand/earnings report).
  • Option to collect all available yields/leavings at once.
  • Animals under care will also be eligible for release upon a new animal’s capture.
  • Ability to save orchestrion settings, and island visitors will now hear your island’s orchestrion music.
  • Notifications when visitors arrive on your island.

FFXIV 6.3 Live Letter 74 - new Kugane arena for Crystalline Conflict, featuring red and gold themes with scattered piles of gil on the floor

User Interface

  • Third UI theme.
  • Damage type will now show in the battle log and flying text, indicating whether an attack deals physical, magic, or unique damage.
  • Ability to display remaining buff/debuff timers in the party list.
  • Adventurer portraits will now be displayed when matching for duties. Only your own party will be shown during 24 man content.


  • Housing update – additional wards for all residential areas, 6 wards and 6 subdivisions for a total of 1,800 new plots per World, planned for sale via lottery.
  • Gold Saucer – new course added for Leap of Faith.
  • Expansion of available actions when using fashion accessories.
  • Ability to cast glamorous and dye retainer equipment without removing it.
  • Ability to cast glamorous on your own equipment directly from retainer inventories.
  • Ability to filter newly added items at Sundry Splendors vendors.
  • FFXIV Sanctuary’s Heart – a new “chill arrangement album” of FFXIV music now available digitally.

You can watch the full livestream for yourself below, though please note that it is in Japanese with English language slides. Thanks to Miuna and Iluna Minori on the official FFXIV Discord (link opens invite in a new window) for their incredible live translation work.

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