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FFXIV 7.0 story planning event is complete, says Yoshida

A FFXIV 7.0 story writers’ residential planning the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is complete, as Yoshida and Soken talk about the future of the MMORPG

FFXIV 7.0 story planning - Krile Baldesion, a lalafell in a large yellow hooded coat with big animal ears

The developer residential to plan the FFXIV 7.0 story has now completed, say director Naoki Yoshida and composer Masayoshi Soken in an episode of Final Fantasy XIV radio show ‘From Eorzea with Love.’ Following the launch of the FFXIV 6.2 update and new fan-favourite feature Island Sanctuary, Yoshida and Soken appeared on the long-running show to talk about the future of one of the best MMORPGs.

Speaking with the show’s host and FFXIV voice actor Yoshino Nanjou, the pair discuss some of the initial details for the next FFXIV expansion and some of the characters that are planned to feature more prominently. Per a livedoor blog of the show (via Mkillerby), the routine residential to determine the story for the next expansion following Endwalker is now complete. In addition, Yoshida says that the key art for 7.0 has already been ordered.

For context, writer Natsuko Ishikawa – who was the lead story designer on both Shadowbringers and Endwalker – previously noted that the Endwalker residentials took place through autumn and winter of 2019, though some plot points were rewritten before the expansion eventually released in November 2021.

Yoshida, Soken, and Nanjou also discussed the upcoming role of Krile, who is the most prominent FFXIV character voiced by Nanjou. A member of the Scions since the Heavensward expansion, the sharp-witted Lalafell quickly rose to popularity among fans for her unmistakable yellow hooded jacket with large animal ears, and for her cheeky but loving ribs towards of some of the game’s long standing cast members.

As a prominent user of the Echo, Krile’s potential has always been high – oftentimes taking on a leading mantle in driving the Scion’s activities forward. However, she has often done so from a back seat, with fans clamouring to see her take a more prominent role in proceedings. Yoshida said earlier this year that the team intended to give Krile more attention in future content, and now confirms that she will play an active role in the upcoming 7.0 expansion.

Of course, given Nanjou’s presence in the interview, a focus will naturally have been placed on Krile specifically, so we don’t know exactly what this will translate to in the full game. The team do hint that the Scion might finally get a new outfit in the next expansion, however – they also note that Krile’s ponytail always existed, even in her initial hood-up design from artist Ayumi Namae. Nanjou also says during the show that she hopes to get the opportunity to voice a goofy character in the future.

Yoshida also addresses that, while From Eorzea with Love is set to come to an end after eight years, he hopes to do something special for the game’s tenth anniversary in 2023 and take on new challenges both inside and outside the game.

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