FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 returns for another Halloween feast

The FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 is upon us as one of the best events in the MMORPG game returns for another Halloween feast with some fantastic cosmetic rewards

FFXIV All Saints' Wake 2022 - a Hrothgar with long hair holds a pumpkin cookie in one hand, looking at it intently

As Halloween approaches, the FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 event has arrived in the critically acclaimed MMORPG for the second time this year, bringing with it new activities and some delightful seasonal rewards to earn including cosmetic armour sets and a delicious new emote. Players of the fantasy game will also be able to visit the Haunted Manor again, with a new outdoor area added for some seasonal photo ops.

The FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 Halloween event runs from October 19 – November 1. If you’re curious about specific times, it begins on October 19 at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am BST / 10am CEST / 6pm AET and ends on November 1 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST (November 2 at 1am AET).

This seasonal event is subtitled the ‘March of the Mischievous Costume Cortege’ and players can undertake it by picking up the quest ‘A Mad Masquerade’ from the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania (x:10.3, y:9.1). You’ll need to be level 15 to kick things off, though that shouldn’t take long if you’re just getting started.

Players will be able to get their hands on the Wake Doctor’s set for taking part in the event, along with a Caged Wisp to decorate their rooms and an ‘Eat Pumpkin Cookie’ emote. The prospect of the Wake Doctor’s set is already exciting fans – after all, as a post on the FFXIV developer blog remarks, “It’s not every day we get a sleek, stylish, and dyeable long coat for all classes.” Players are comparing it to Alchemist-style gear that can be used regardless of your character’s job, and the hefty gas mask really completes the look.

FFXIV All Saints' Wake 2022 - male and female characters wearing the new Wake Doctor's Set, a long white lab coat with brown pouches and a heavy gas mask

The Caged Wisp is also fully dyeable, giving you another cute decoration option for your player housing, while the ‘Eat Pumpkin Cookie’ emote gives us a way to endlessly munch on delicious seasonal snacks without having to use the actual Halloween consumables themselves.

Fans of gposing (Final Fantasy XIV’s custom photo mode) and those looking to make a snazzy seasonal portrait for their Adventurer Plate will be pleased to know that the Haunted Manor is returning as a location you can visit to hang out with other players and take some pictures. You’ll also be able to visit the manor grounds, which have been decked out with tables and some rather sizeable gourd stacks.

The previous FFXIV All Saints’ Wake event took place in January, where we got some off-season spookies in what was one of the most fun seasonal events in a while – a unique Halloween dungeon complete with some rather novel “boss fights.” Hopefully, this latest event follows suit, but regardless we’ll certainly be diving in for those sweet rewards.

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