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Ahead of FF14 Dawntrail, Square Enix is testing a way to avoid queues

With Dawntrail looming, Square Enix is finally going to let us try Final Fantasy 14 cross-region travel, to try and help the queues.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail cross-region server

Just as the gang takes a trip to Tural in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail later this year, we’ll also be able to take a trip down under to test out the potential cross-region data center travel Square Enix has been working on. With Dawntrail set to make queues to play as long as ever, hopefully, a fully functional cross-region travel system will alleviate some of the pain.

If you were around for the launch of Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker in 2021, you’ll remember how much of a nightmare it was to even get into the MMORPG. Months before the last expansion launched the game proved so popular it digitally sold out, and then even a week after Endwalker released queues were astronomical.

FF14 was as popular as ever, making it almost impossible to play. To remedy this problem, Square Enix began looking at cross-region travel, letting players congested by queues during peak times for their region play in a completely different timezone. It was deemed “technically possible” at the time, but now Square Enix is getting ready for the Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail release date by finally testing it.

After musing on whether or not the full cross-region functionality should be enabled, Square outlines how it’ll at least be testing the feature. “Many Worlds may experience login queues following the upcoming release of Dawntrail, especially during peak times. With this situation in mind, we are considering a temporary option in which a limited form of cross-region travel would allow players to play on a less-populated physical data center.”

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“Thus, to identify potential technical issues ahead of Dawntrail’s release, we will be conducting a public test of cross-region Data Center Travel functionality starting Monday, March 25 (GMT/AEDT). Players connecting from geographically distant locations may experience some lag, but we hope you will take this opportunity to explore playing on a different physical data center.”

As of right now, the cross-region test period for FF14 will be from Monday, March 25 at 3am GMT / 2pm AEDT until the beginning of Patch 7.0 maintenance.

Not everyone will be able to travel everywhere though. As Square Enix explains, it’ll be a one-way street from the Japanese, North American, and European data center to the Oceaninan one – so say g’day to our pals in Australia.

I imagine that this comes down to language and culture barriers, as while Square Enix may be able to have every region visit each other, the way we communicate and the language we use may differ so much that it becomes difficult.

If you need some help getting back to Eorzea ahead of Dawntrail, we can help you reinvigorate your FF14 Island Sanctuary, while newer players can brush up on all the FF14 classes and jobs as well.

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