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Final Fantasy 14’s female Hrothgar may not be the MMO’s last race

The Final Fantasy XIV female Hrthogar may not actually be the last race in the MMO, but it's all down to us according to Naoki Yoshida.

FF14 female Hrothgar: a female lion humanoid standing on a ship in the bright blue sky

The Final Fantasy XIV female Hrothgar player race was finally shown off at FF14 Fan Fest Tokyo 2024, confirming that the MMO is getting one of the most anticipated custom options. Producer Naoki Yoshida, best known as ‘Yoshi-P,’ may say it’s the last race coming to the land of Eorzea, but he then leaves a little tidbit in his keynote speech that might indicate that more player options are on the horizon, especially if FF14 goes for another ten years.

Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest in Tokyo has already been jam-packed, and the reveal of the female Hrothgar race is no exception. While there’s a lot to dig into around the upcoming Dawntrail race itself, one thing Yoshida says has stuck in my mind, and it leaves the door open for more character races down the line in the MMORPG.

“Making a new race is really hard and I have continually said throughout these ten years that this will be the last one,” Yoshida begins. “I’d like to say this will be the last one, but perhaps I can’t, it depends on you.”

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Now, I wouldn’t start hoping to see another race anytime soon, but I read Yoshida’s comment more as a vague possibility. If FF14 ends up going for another ten years because enough of us are playing it – with 30 million players recently reached – I can see another race being added in that time, but potentially not.

It doesn’t sound like anything is planned right now, and with the last race being the male Viera in Endwalker back in 2021, I’d expect a longer gap of at least three years before any other races. More, if we take into account that the female Hrothgar is the last on paper. At least you’ll be able to play as a female Hrothgar FF14 Pictomancer to keep you busy.

We also learned about the release window of the FF14 and FF16 crossover event, so you’ll be getting that Torgal mount a little bit later than expected sadly. There’s a lot to unpack while we wait for the FF14 Dawntrail release date, and we’ll be keeping you up to date on the biggest reveals at the Tokyo Fan Fest.

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