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FF14 6.55 patch notes add last Endwalker quest, brand new backpack

The Final Fantasy 14 6.55 patch notes are here, adding in the last Endwalker quest, Hildibrand and Tataru quests, and a brand new backpack.

FF14 6.55 patch notes: a person in a yellow hoodie waving a big paintbrush

The FF14 6.55 patch notes are finally here, as we’ve only got a few hours left until the servers come back online and we finally get our first foray into what Dawntrail will offer us later this year. You’ll meet the internet’s new favorite NPC and the first female Hrothgar Wuk Lamat in the Endwalker patch MSQ, see some of the best side characters in new side quests, and even be able to get a backpack accessory too.

While we still don’t have the FF14 Dawntrail release date just yet, the last big patch before the MMORPG expansion has loads on offer, so I’m going to break down some of the biggest stuff you’ll be doing this week in anticipation. I might have just got to Heavensward (before you say it, I know) but even I can’t wait for all the 6.55 goodness in Final Fantasy 14.

First up, three new MSQs lead directly into Dawntrail and they’ll look to feature new character Wuk Lamat alongside Krile becoming the new Pictomancer job. While we don’t know how these quests will shake out, there’s no doubt they’ll be taking us towards Dawntrail’s new location, Tural.

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We’re also getting some new side quests for Hildibrand and Tataru, so if you want some more goofy gentleman adventures Square Enix has just what you need. For Hildibrand you need to beat the ‘Not From Around Here’ quest first, and for Tataru you’ll need to beat the MSQ and three side quests, which are on the patch notes.

There’s even a new fashion accessory of a backpack, and it looks pretty great. I’m not sure exactly where to get this yet as the patch notes don’t say, or how it’ll work in relation to most sheathed weapons, but it still looks absolutely delightful.

If you just can’t wait to jump in I’ve got great news, the FF14 servers will be back up from maintenance on Tuesday, January 16 at 3am PT / 6am EST/ 11am GMT / 10pm AEDT, so they’ll more than likely be back up as you’re reading this.

FF14 6.55 patch notes: a brown leather backpack on a person

There are also new furnishings, triple triad cards, emotes, Gold Saucer prizes, a cute Chocobo barding, and all the usual little bonuses too. You can find everything in detail that Square Enix doesn’t want to spoil yet right here.

You’ll want to get on your FF14 Island Sanctuary for the new quest too, or you can play some new MMOs once you’ve caught up to what’s happening in Eorzea.

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