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FF14’s low-poly grapes are back with a twist in patch 6.55

Final Fantasy 14's infamous grape meme is back in patch 6.55 before Dawntrail, immortalizing the infamous Endwalker meme as a lamppost.

Even as a newer fan, I’m all too familiar with the FF14 low poly grapes. An enduring meme after Endwalker dropped in 2021, Square Enix might have ‘fixed’ (the term being purely subjective here) how the infamous purple grapes looked, but the team behind Final Fantasy 14 have also been really good sports about understanding the communities love for the block of fruit. Come patch FF14 6.55, you can get them in yet another form: a lamppost.

That’s right, the Final Fantasy 14 grapes are now an in-game item for your home as a part of patch FF14 patch 6.55, and they look positively gorgeous. The Labyrinthos Grape Lampost is a brand new housing item, bringing the meme directly into Eorzea in the last big story patch ahead of Dawntrail later this year.

You can get a good look at the grape lamppost in the MMORPG courtesy of FF14 content creator ‘Meoni’ below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the full item description for the Labyrinthos Grape Lamppost, if you’re so inclined:

“Seeking to make grapes more transportable, a researcher at Meryall Agronomics is rumored to have produced a variety that grew in blocky clusters. Although complaints that they looked unappetizing led to a new strain with rounder edges, the original was regarded fondly by some, and so it was immortalized in the form of this lamppost.”

‘Some’ is certainly doing the heavy lifting here, because it’s always been more than a handful of people that love the little grapes that could.

The meme began back when Endwalker launched in 2021. While the free trial was temporarily pulled due to the sheer number of people logging in, the community rallied around these loy-poly, adorable grapes. Within weeks the Endwalker grapes were fixed by Square Enix, but their legacy lived on.

FF14 grape lamppost: a purple stained glass lamp hanging from a curved tree with a couple of green leaves coming off it

Back at the Las Vegas and London Fan Fests in 2023, Square Enix gave out goodie bags and wouldn’t you know it, one item inside was the low-poly grapes themselves, complete in their own, now squishy, glory.

If you’re jumping back into FF14 thanks to 6.55 you’ll want to brush up on the Final Fantasy 14 Island Sanctuary while you’re around, or even check out some great new MMOs if you need a big distraction before Dawntrail.

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