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The FF14 Heavensturn event is one you won’t want to skip

FF14 Heavensturn 2024 is here, and the latest event for the beloved MMORPG rewards you with one of the most adorable minions we’ve seen yet.

Don't miss the FFXIV Heavensturn 2024 event rewards - A red-haired Lalafell grins gleefully amid the colorful crystals around Mor Dhona.

Final Fantasy 14 is celebrating the arrival of the new year right now with the FF14 Heavensturn 2024 event, and you won’t want to miss its rewards. With FFXIV Fanfest Tokyo taking place this upcoming weekend, you might be tempted to jump back into Eorzea – and whether you’re playing it as a free game or a long-time subscriber to the critically acclaimed MMORPG you’ll want to make sure to grab the reward for this latest event.

FF14 events are always a great reason to come back to the beloved MMORPG, but depending on what the rewards are you might find yourself skipping out on some, especially if your subscription has lapsed or you’re busy playing other games, or if you’re as easily distracted as I am then you might just not realize that there’s one happening. This latest celebration is one you won’t want to miss, however, and it’s available to all players including those playing the FF14 trial as a free PC game.

The Heavensturn quest ‘To Be a Mascot’ can be kicked off in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa, everyone’s favorite coastal town, seafaring hub, and AFK hangout spot. You’ll find it in the event plaza from white-haired NPC Ryu Metsuke, and completing it will grant the Ryunosuke minion, an adorable baby chocobo wearing a dragon onesie. You’ll only need to be level 15, so it’s easily reachable if you’re just getting started with the game too.

FF14 Heavensturn 2024 rewards - A small, flying chocobo chick wearing a green dragon onesie.

The FF14 Heavensturn event runs Sunday, December 31, 2023 until Monday, January 15, 2024, so you have a little over a week left to grab yourself this cute chocobo companion. There’s also the opportunity to grab some older items from the festival supplier nearby. While seasonal quest rewards often make their way to the online store a year after their initial appearance, this is your one chance to complete the quest and get it for free, so don’t miss out.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the happenings at the FF14 Fan Festival at the Tokyo Dome, which takes place Sunday, Jan 7 to Monday, Jan 8. We’re expecting to hear more details on the upcoming FF14 Dawntrail expansion, along with the reveal of its second new job, which will join the Viper, and perhaps even a look at the promised second limited job after the Blue Mage.

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