Fortnite skin Concept Royale winners talk about their creepy ideas

A new Fortnite skin can be a good cause for celebration in the battle royale game, but these two were inspired by fan designs in the Concept Royale

Fortnite Skin concept royale. This image shows a creepy possessed human with three eyes, horns, and broken wings.

A good Fortnite skin will have you using it all year round whenever you feel like it, and helps you put a touch of yourself into the battle royale game. Whether you’re looking to get into the seasons’ celebrations with a festive or scary skin, or you just like repping your favourite characters, there are plenty of good options. Some people don’t just wear skins, though, they design them.

While Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 already has a lot of cool skins (just look at the X-23 skin or the Black Adam skin) it’s always nice to see a couple more. The two from this particular Concept Royale are coming in just in time for Fortnitemares, and they definitely fit the bill if you’re looking for something unsettling.

Fortnite skin concept royale. This image shows off the Sinister Glare skin, a humanoid with a hand for a head and a red eye in the center of it.

The two skins are called Sinister Glare, which is a creepy sorcerer-looking thing with a hand for a head, and Undying Sorrow, which looks like a fallen angel of sorts. Unlike many skins in the game, these two are actually based on community designs, and to celebrate that fact, Epic did an interview with the two creators to discuss their concepts and feelings about the whole thing.

It’s not a huge surprise that the two creators are pretty happy to see their work in the game; it’s actually more interesting to learn a bit more about their design process. Sinister Glare is meant to be “scary, yet elegant,” and apparently means no harm to you, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do harm. Sorrow has wings to represent the death of its humanity, and an extra eye because hey, it’s cursed. We definitely recommend giving the full interview a read if you’re into character design.

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