Fortnite dinosaurs: where to dance between three dinosaurs

Looking for a spot to get your groove on near some prehistoric beasties? Here’s where to drop in this week 9 challenge

Where do you dance between three dinosaurs in Fortnite? We imagine you have that oddly-specific query because you’ve just had a gander at your week 9 challenges for season 8. If you’re looking for a spot on the Fortnite map to get your groove on like only a few prehistoric reptiles are watching, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s where to dance between three Fortnite dinosaurs.

This is a staged challenge comprising three movin’-and-shakin’ parts, so if you’ve arrived at this guide and you’re on a different part we can help you out there, too. Scroll down further for links on how to complete your other dancing challenges. And, then, once you’re all done here you can look forward to some lovely loot after progressing your season 8 Battle Pass.

So, getting back to business, we’re going to be staying on the Battle Bus all the way towards the desert biome in the south-east of the map. This is where you can find all three dinos just waiting to be enthralled by your meticulously choreographed shapes. So, without further dilly-dallying, here’s where to dance between three dinosaurs in Fortnite.

Where to dance between three Fortnite dinosaurs

The three Fortnite dinosaurs can be found directly south of Paradise Palms, the major area in the desert biome south-west of the race track – you can’t miss it. Just follow the main road south of the settlement and along the bend and you’ll see the big ol’ dinos looming over the tarmac. In between all three of them is where you need to bust your best moves. If you’re lost, then we have marked it on the map below to make it a bit clearer.

fortnite dance between three dinosaurs map

As we mentioned, this is a three-stage challenge, so we hope you haven’t exhausted all your dancing energy just yet. Below are our other guides on where to get your body moving:

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And there you have it, that’s where to dance between three dinosaurs in Fortnite. When you’re all done with that, feet blistered with boogieing, there are plenty more challenges to crack on with before the Fortnite season 9 release date lands. Make sure you’ve ticked off your visit to the various Fortnite pirate camps and completed your bonus Avengers endgame challenges before the season ends before they go for good.