Fortnite Fortbyte 12: use Nana Nana spray inside a molten tunnel

If you're on a mission to find the latest Fortbyte, here's where you need to land

Where is Fortbyte 12 in Fortnite? Things are about to get heated in this latest development in the continuing battle royale puzzle mystery. This time you’re going to need to brave the perilously hot wastes of the game’s Pressure Plant, and we’re going to help you out with how to do it.

Fortnite Fortbyte 12 (accessible by using the Nana Nana spray inside a molten tunnel) sees you diving down into the northeastern corner of the map where the volcano is located. Y’know, the one that destroyed two entire named areas to completely transform the map. Either way, you’re going to need to escape the more tranquil, pleasant areas of the Fortnite map and grab yourself some sturdy footwear.

That’s because it’s a pretty dangerous jaunt this time in this latest chapter of the Fortnite Fortbytes locations challenges, but we’re going to walk you through it – just not literally, especially given how badly things went last time. Anyway, here’s how to find Fortnite Fortbyte 12 with Nana Nana spray inside a molten tunnel.

Fortnite Fortbyte 12: Use Nana Nana spray inside a molten tunnel

Provided you’re at least at Battle Pass tier 57 – which unlocks the Fortnite Nana Nana spray – Fortnite Fortbyte 12 is found at the end of the stream of lava that spews from the volcano and the Pressure Plant. If you follow the stream of liquid fire all the way to the end, you’ll find a tunnel entrance shaped like a volcano helmet.

The map above gives you a better idea of where we mean but, when you’re looking at the entrance, Fortbyte 12 can be found on one of the platforms in the corner on the right hand side. Don’t worry too much if you need to stand on the lava if you go wrong: the lava won’t trouble your HP too much anyway.

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And there you go, that’s how to get Fortnite Fortbyte 12 with Nana Nana spray inside molten tunnel. Check out the links above if you need to catch up on some of the more recent puzzle pieces and, when you’re done, take a look a the leaked Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges on their way to an island near you. That guide has everything you need to know to prepare for the latest seasonal objectives while you obstinately ignore the real life sun and your family.