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Fortnite Battle Royale’s queues are going to get shorter

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A host of changes, both large and small, are on the horizon for the massively-popular Fortnite Battle Royale, aimed at improving matchmaking, wait times, and overall quality of life for the game’s 45 million-odd players.

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The Fortnite Team laid out their near-term plans for the game in an official blog post Friday, and it runs the gamut from adding servers to introducing new limited-time modes.

Right up front, the developers say that they’ve struggled to keep up with the exploding player count, and that they consider the bugs and connectivity issues players have faced to be unacceptable. Epic say they’ve updated their content release schedule for the game to help prevent that from happening in the future. They’re also working on both the server and client sides of the game to keep it running at a brisk clip.

Some upcoming highlights for PC players include:

  • Better skill balance in matchmaking
  • New cosmetics, including gliders and outfits, that incorporate ideas from the community
  • Team communication outside of voice chat
  • Adding the ability to re-queue directly from the death screen
  • Ammo count display in the weapon widget
  • Improvements to the quickbar
  • Integration with social networks, and eventually a complete overhaul of the game’s social architecture
  • New limited-time modes, such as a shorter “Blitz” mode, faster circles, and an improved 50 vs. 50
  • Private matches

There’s plenty more in the post, so check it out if you’d like to see the complete list of plans.