Fortnite season 4 (and the meteor) land tomorrow

fortnite season 4

Update, April 30: Fortnite’s next season kicks off on May 1.

After a full month of apocalyptic teases, Epic have finally confirmed that Fortnite’s fourth season will begin tomorrow. That lines up with the schedule we suspected – we already knew season three ends tomorrow – but there’s our confirmation that we won’t have a delay between seasons. Look forward to the meteor strike, folks.

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The Fortnite Twitter warns players to “brace for impact,” meaning we can also look forward to the meteor finally making contact tomorrow. A promo image shows a number of characters standing over the edge of a crater, and the silhouettes tease some new skins. One is known Twitch Prime bonus, another is the datamined Steelsight, and still another looks like an Iron Man or Ultron-inspired character, matching with this season’s apparent superhero team.

Everyone expects the meteor to make some significant changes to the Fortnite map – it would have to, right? – but the question is the point of impact. Players have expected it to strike Tilted Towers for a major balance shake-up, but as Fortnite Intel note the electric towers visible in the background suggest the point of impact may be nearer to Dusty Depot.

If history’s anything to go by, you may want to prepare for some server downtime tomorrow as well, especially given the volume of interest Epic’s meteoric teases have driven this month.

Update, April 26:The sky is still falling, but now it’s hitting the ground!

It’s happening! We still don’t know exactly what “it” is – though it appears to besuperhero-themed– but after a full month of anticipation the meteors that have been cruising through Fortnite’s sky have finally begun crashing to earth.

You can see a pretty detailed replay view of one meteor crashing on Reddit, apparently destroying a fence along the way, though the timing’s somewhat off. Fortnite Intel are gathering more reports, but they all pretty much appear to fiery rocks exploding after making contact with the ground. Just like we always imagined.

We still don’t know precisely when (or if) the big event we’re expecting will strike, but the smart money is on it coming when the current season ends on April 30 – just a few short days away.

Original story, April 25:Fortnite’s sky is falling, and we’re at a point now where it’s no longer a stretch to call what’s been happening mass hysteria. We’ve got a long-standing theory that Tilted Towers will be destroyed, fears that it may be anelaborate prank, and renewed speculation as themeteor shower has picked up steam.

An emergency broadcast began a short time ago, along with plenty more alongside today’s 3.6 update. People want to know when the meteor will strike, and signs located in a new area in Tilted Towers have “today” written on them, scratched out, and then “tomorrow” written underneath.

That may just be Epic poking some fun at would-be conspiracy theorists (come on, today they’re even saying it’s aliens), but the latest update also includes a variety of sound files with titles like “Meteor_Impact” and “Meteor_Distant_Explosion.” You can listen to all the datamined sounds at Fortnite Intel, but basically they’re a bunch of crashy-crashy noises.

So what’s actually going on? Epic’s still stringing us along, but with the rapidly increasing volume of comet-related shenanigans coming to Fortnite today it seems that we’re inching closer to the thing happening. What that thing actually is remains to be seen.