Fortnite season 6 livestream – watch us tackle the new weekly challenges live

The next phase of Epic’s battle royale behemoth is in its second week, so we’re back to celebrate with another Fortnite season 6 livestream. Ali and Chris will doing exactly that in the video above live at 4:30pm BST (11:30am ET / 8:30am PT). Watch as they try their hand at the latest Fortnite week 2 challenges – while trying to avoid getting killed, naturally.

This week’s stream is sponsored by Turtle Beach, so Ali and Chris are also rocking a pair of Elite Atlas headsets.

The sixth season of Fortnite constitutes a massive change for the game as the purple cube wreaks the havoc it has promised to for many weeks now. There are also a raft of gameplay and quality-of-life changes that will undoubtedly keep us hooked for countless more hours and ensure that Fortnite remains one of the biggest battle royale games around.

For a comprehensive look at all the additions, check out our Fortnite patch notes 6.0 debrief and our breakdown of all the Fortnite season 6 map changes. During the stream you will see the new Haunted Castle and Floating Island, plus the mysterious Fortnite Shadow Stones that appear in the Corrupted Zones left by the purple cube’s runes. Ali and Chris will also be tackling the Fortnite week 2 challenges, which includes discovering all Fortnite corrupted areas locations.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fortnite season 6 – there are also Fortnite Hunting Party and Calamity challenges to tackle and Fortnite music tracks to unlock with the new Battle Pass – so there’s plenty to cover in the stream. So if you want to see more livestreams like this, be sure to follow and subscribe to us on Twitch.

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