Fortnite Fortnitemares callout begins the countdown to Halloween

Fortnitemares is the yearly scary season event for the Battle Royale game, and Chapter 3's Fortnite map callout has just been announced with a scary new image

Fortnite Fortnitemares callout: a vampire drinking a green cocktail on the beach with people in the background around a fire.

Fortnite‘s Fortnitemares is the battle royale game’s yearly Halloween event. It brings with it a bevvy of scary skins and creepy events for players to indulge in, along with plenty of creepy Fortnite maps as well. The fan-made bits are always some of the most entertaining, and this new callout has us all excited.

It’s not even like Fortnite creators really need any excuse to creep us out. We’ve not slept properly since seeing Fortnite’s Jonesy turned into a real boy, and the World of Deathrun parkour map remains horrifyingly hard as well. Things should be even creepier this year thanks to new additions to the creative mode like the item placer device, which allows for more natural, and therefore more unsettling, placements and manipulations.

Epic posted the callout on their blog saying that the time had come to think about the season of scares. They actually included a few really cool ideas in the post, too: “Deliver jumpy haunted houses with the prop manipulator, create terrifying caves with the level instance device, and encourage your visitors to spring, slide, and mantle over obstacles to get away from all the scary monsters and other creative creatures you can come up with.”

All of the rules for the callout are detailed in the blog post, and given the recent wonders of the musical callout, we’ve got very high expectations for the quality of maps created by the community. If you’d like to get involved yourself, make sure you act quickly so you have time to actually sort your map out properly.

If you’re after a good weapon for your horror movie villain, we’d definitely recommend the Ripsaw Launcher location. On the contrary, if Fortnitemares sounds too spooky for you, maybe try something else from our list of the best battle royale games, like PUBG or Warzone.