Fortnite Fortnitemares has so much going on

Fortnite Fortnitemares offer a great chance to enjoy some scares and earn some loot in the battle royale game during chapter 3 season 4

Fortnite Fortnitemares has started. This image shows a creepy possessed human leering at you.

Fortnite Fortnitemares are finally here. After a long old tease, we can now enjoy the season of horror in the battle royale game, and it’s absolutely chock full of things to do. It’s always worth jumping into these events too, because we all love a bit of loot.

We already know that Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has plenty of things to do. You can now literally drive around in a Rocket League car if you want to. It also just so happens that this season runs through Halloween, everyone’s actual favourite holiday, and that means that we get a bunch of cool skins like these Concept Royale winners, and also interesting modes.

This year’s take on Fortnitemares has players doing their best Cyno impression by allowing you to become possessed by the spirit of the Wolf after using a Ritual Emote at an Alteration Altar. This grants players the Howler Claws item, and you can use it to be able to track heartbeats and unleash rapid slash attacks to take out enemies, whether human or otherwise.

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Along with that, there will be plenty of quests to go through to unlock tings like the Everything’s End glider and Unmaker Pickaxe. Horde Rush is back too, but this time it’s Zero Build Horde Rush, which is a good chance to unleash hell on some unsuspecting zombies. We all love shooting zombies, don’t we? There are a few other little bits too, which you can read on the Epic Blog.

If you’re in need of a little bit of help completing some of these new challenges, then our Fortnite tips and tricks should help you level up as a player and get through them. It’s also always worth learning more about the new Fortnite map too.