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Man, I hope Kevin comes back to Fortnite

I just want Kevin back

Kevin the Cube, in one of his earliest Fortnite appearances

I’ve now been writing about Fortnite long enough – nobody else on the news team wants to do it – that I’ve gotten nostalgic for the days of constantly tracking Kevin’s movements across the island. (Shout out to the person in our Twitter replies in 2018 who was convinced that the Cube was a beacon of Satanism.) Now I’m following Fortnite leaks for reasons only halfway work-related. I just want Kevin back, man.

It looks like I’ve got reason to hope, too. After the 17.30 update, dataminers have dug up new files related to Kevin Island. This could just mean that some upcoming content will simply make use of effects originally built for Kevin, but there has been a volume of leaks related to the Cube’s comeback around the transition to next season.

According to one of the leaks, Kevin will return at the end of Season 7, controlled by some sort of ‘queen’ character. (This is the same leak which predicted the arrival of Ariana Grande and The Suicide Squad characters to the game.) A separate leak suggests that we’re not just getting one Kevin – the Cube will instead “pop up all over the map”.

For now, we have the Rift Tour to look forward to.

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