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Lego Fortnite now has Lego kits that you can buy for real money

Now you can buy prefab Lego kits in Lego Fortnite with V-Bucks, including a beach cottage, a Durrr Burger joint, and a medieval castle.

Lego Fortnite kits for sale

You can now expand your collection of Lego Fortnite kits – although it’ll cost you. The new Lego-themed mode in Fortnite now offers a selection of prefab kits, which can be purchased in the Fortnite store using V-Bucks.

Each kit includes several complete builds and an assortment of decor items for the survival game. Once purchased, you can use all the items in each bundle in your own worlds and up to eight of your friends’ worlds each week, Epic Games says.

The Beachside Boulevard Bundle is available for 1,900 V-Bucks (about $15 USD or £12 GBP) and includes seven builds for raised, beach-style cottages. The set also includes 44 decor items, including sand castles, beachside furniture, and surfboards to stick in the sand.Lego Fortnite beach houses

The Durrr Burger Bundle will set you back 2,000 V-Bucks and includes three distinct builds. The bundle also has 41 decor items to use in your restaurants – or wherever else you might want to plonk down some burger-themed looks.

Weighing in at 2,500 V-Bucks is the Lion Knights’ Castle Bundle. This set comes with 10 builds and 64 decor items. It looks like the most transformative of the lot, as it includes castle walls and parapets, new Tudor-style walls and roofing for the keep and outbuildings, and some medieval vendor stalls for the town square.

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