Fortnite map takes us back to the toilets of Goldeneye 007

This Fortnite map recreates a classic multiplayer map from Goldeneye 007 in the battle royale game that's dragging us back to the N64 in Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite Map Goldeneye is shown with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond on it.

This Fortnite map aims to do one thing: overload people over the age of 30 with nostalgia. The battle royale game is an excellent place for creativity, and this fan-created Goldeneye 007 map shows off why the creative tools are such a huge part of the appeal for many.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has some cool features, but a lot of people are beginning to feel as though the main attraction is actually likely to be in Fortnite chapter 3 season 5, which is when we could be seeing the new Creative 2.0 update. There are a few people talking about this possibility, but we’ve already had a few hints like this Fortnite Creative AI update, that could well signal the beginning of a new era of player-created content.

Better tools mean we’ll see more faithful recreations too, and while this Goldeneye map didn’t need them, we can’t wait to see how good maps will be as things keep moving forward. What’s cool about this map by Substantial_Phase738, which is based on Facility from Goldeneye, is that there’s actually another map based on Complex too.

I made the facility multiplayer map from 007 Goldeneye. 8651-4198-1939 from FortniteCreative

While some of the staff here at PCGamesN are probably younger than the N64, those of us who are old enough have fond memories of thinking that the control scheme worked well enough on those weird trident controllers, as well as trying to kill Oddjob and his ridiculous hitbox. If you want a taste of the good life, you can try both maps out by using the 8651-4198-1939 code for Facility, and 8710-1184-1270 for Complex.

If you’re more interested in normal Fortnite, if there is such a thing, then we’ve got a list of Fortnite NPC locations for you to check out. We’ve also got all the info on the new Fortnite map as it develops too.