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Marvel legend and former Riot dev joins Fortnite team as new Epic CCO

Charlie Wen, best known for his work on God of War, Marvel, and Riot, is joining iconic Fortnite studio Epic Games as its new chief creative officer.

New Epic CCO: Fortnite characters standing side by side, one with a scarf and large shotgun in hand, the other with her arm around him

Fortnite is the most well-known battle royale game around, with action-packed gameplay and visually stunning landscapes. Even if you haven’t played Epic Games’ iconic shooter before, you likely know just how influential Fortnite has been. Donald Mustard, one of the game’s developers, recently stepped down from his position as the chief creative officer at Epic. The new CCO was just revealed and is none other than Charlie Wen who happens to be a Marvel mastermind, the creator of God of War’s Kratos, and a former Riot Games developer.

Following the previous Fortnite creator’s retirement, Wen has announced that he is taking over the role of Epic’s chief creative officer. You may recognize his name from his work on God of War, his time at Riot Games, or even his leadership as co-founder and head of Marvel’s visual development.

From designing characters like Kratos to helping craft immersive worlds, Wen has truly done it all. As a film artist, he worked on some of the most well-known superhero movies ever, from The Avengers to Thor. If this isn’t one heck of a background, I don’t know what is.

Charlie Wen's post detailing how he is joining Epic Games as the new CCO

In a Twitter post, Wen introduces his new position at Epic by sharing how excited he is to embark on a “new adventure” as the team’s CCO. He describes being “grateful to everyone who has come alongside me thus far” in the incredibly wholesome announcement.

It seems that Donald Mustard’s legacy is falling into some seriously capable hands. While watching such a beloved Fortnite figure retire has been bittersweet, it’s exciting to consider what Wen may have in store for the game’s future, as well as Epic’s as a whole.

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