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Fortnite OG’s week 4 update adds Jetpacks and a much-loved vehicle

The Fortnite OG week 4 update has arrived, and it's accompanied by new weapons, Air Strikes, and a new vehicle - and it's live right now.

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The Fortnite OG week 4 has received its final major update, which brings it back up to speed with Chapter 1: Season 9 and Season X. This means new weapons have arrived, as well as a new vehicle that can be used to get across the map at speed. The Hotfix will run right up until the end of the season, which has now been detailed.

Today (November 23, 2023), Epic Games has updated Fortnite with the November 23 Hotfix, which marks the final major update set to arrive as part of the ongoing Fortnite Season OG event.

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As per the battle royale game‘s official blog, the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, and Junk Rift are now available in-game. Not only that, but players can also make use of the Jetpack to gain the advantage over opponents, and the Storm Flip grenade to whittle away at enemy squads.

Weapons aren’t the only thing added to Fortnite today, as there’s also a new vehicle: the Baller. This is a kind of hamster ball with a Grappler attached to it, allowing you to roll across the map while making use of mountains to gain a speed boost. Fortnite OG went live early last month, and will run right up until the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG end date. This transition period will be marked by an in-game event called The Big Bang, featuring music from Eminem.

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