Where is Predator in Fortnite? How to defeat Predator

We have the location of where to find the cloaked alien terror and tips for how to defeat it

Fortnite Predator location

Need some tips for hunting down Predator? Much like the Wolverine skin from a few months ago, this challenge requires you to be the first player to eliminate Predator, who can be found wandering around the map. This is much easier said than done, and if the Wolverine challenge is anything to go by, you’ll have to compete with everyone else in the vicinity, while also defeating a tough NPC boss.

Defeating Predator in a match unlocks the Predator skin for your own personal use and it comes with a bunch of unique abilities, like a cloak and thermal view. Unlocking this skin is a mandatory step if you want to complete the rest of the Jungle Hunter challenges, which all require you to have the Predator skin equipped.

Since this challenge is going to take a few attempts, we thought we’d show you the location of Predator on the map, before giving you some tips on how to defeat Predator and claim the new Fortnite skin for yourself.

Fortnite Predator location

To find Predator in Fortnite, you need to go to Stealthy Stronghold. This is towards the northwest of the map, and Predator is patrolling throughout the entire area. Luckily, unlike the Wolverine challenge, there are big walls surrounding this location, so this alien monster will not escape the vicinity.

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The bad news is that, unlike with Wolverine, the area is closed off. Why is this bad news? It means you can’t drive a vehicle into it and deal damage that way. You’ll know you’re in the right place, and being pursued by Predator when music from the film’s soundtrack kicks in.

How to defeat Predator

Now that you’ve found Predator, there’s the little issue of actually defeating it. This is tricky, not just because other players are fighting to be the player to claim the skin for themselves, but also because the Predator is a formidable opponent with a huge shield total to shoot through.

The Predator is walking around the jungle of Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite. It will be cloaked, so it may take a while to find it.

Here are some tips to help you defeat Predator:

  • Join a Squads match. If one of your teammates kills Predator, you will complete the challenge
  • Turn on the Visualise Sound Effects option in the audio section of the settings. This will enable you to see his footsteps as he’s walking around.
  • Make sure you have a full shield and loadout before taking on Predator. It’s impossible to attempt to beat it when underpowered.
  • Predator will aim to sneak up on you while cloaked, so get some distance if you’re being attacked
  • Try to build a fort with a vantage point to get a good shot at Predator. It takes it a while for it to get to you
  • If other players are fighting Predator, they will be distracted enough not to notice you. Get the jump on them when you think Predator is at low health, then turn your attention to Predator once they’re eliminated
  • Once defeated, Predator will drop the cloaking device, which you can use to make yourself invisible

Those are all the tips we have for finding and defeating Predator in Fortnite. Hopefully it doesn’t take you too long to unlock the Predator skin and that you can get on with completing the rest of the Fortnite challenges. We also have a bunch of guides for if you’re looking to catch up on previous challenges in the Jungle Hunter set, such as where to find the mysterious pod in Fortnite, and the Fortnite bounty NPCs you need to find.