Fortnite reality seeds – how to break open seed pods

Here's where you can find reality seed pods in Fortnite at Reality Falls, and how to weed reality saplings to complete this week's Fortnite challenge

Fortnite reality seeds in Reality Falls

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is now live and there are plenty of changes to the island, such as the new Fortnite reality seeds locations. One of the Zero Week challenges asks players to plant or summon reality saplings using reality seeds, so here’s how they work.

Reality Falls is one of the new areas on the Fortnite map, covered in glowing purple trees. In the middle of this location is a large, lilac tree that drops reality seed pods, which can be broken using your pickaxe to obtain Fortnite reality seeds. In recent weeks, more trees and more pods have sprouted in other locations on the island. You can plant their seeds anywhere that is flat and they will grow into reality saplings, which you can loot in subsequent games for weapons and gear.

You need to find and plant three reality seeds to complete this week’s challenge. To plant a seed, find any location on the map where you’re likely to return in future games, equip a seed, and throw it onto the ground. You need to take care of the plant by weeding it when needed in order to get higher-tier loot such as legendary and mythic items.

Fortnite reality seed pod locations

The Fortnite reality seeds locations are:

Fortnite reality seeds: an updated map showing the new locations for the reality seeds with orange pins.

  • Reality Falls
  • LogJam Lotus (formerly LogJam Lumberyard)
  • Butter Bloom (formerly Butter Barn)
  • Shuffle Shrines

Your sapling produces fruit which you can pick for loot including weapons, ammo, and health. You can check the status of your sapling in the menu to see when you next need to weed it and the tiered loot it’s producing.

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Now you’ve completed this Fortnite challenge, here’s what else you can expect from Season 3, including Fortnite Tover token locations and the latest changes to the Fortnite animals, as you can now ride some of them around the island. There are also now Fortnite grapple gloves and Fortnite baller vehicles you can use to swing across the island.