Where to find Fortnite research books in Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges

Learn where to find all eight of the Fortnite research books

One of the eight Fortnite research books in the map, this one is in Holly Hedges.

Want to know where to find the Fortnite research books? It’s not exactly new for challenges to hide items in random places, and one of Chapter 2 Week 7’s challenges involves finding a bunch of research books. They’re blue books placed on the floor, and are thankfully easy to gather.

The good news is that you won’t be competing with your fellow players for books – another player collecting the research book doesn’t prevent you from grabbing it too. If you’re playing with a squad, you can also ping them for your teammates. The bad news is that once you nab a book, it’s permanently gone from the map, so you can’t just grind the same one over multiple games – you’ll have to find all eight of them: three in Pleasant Park and five in Holly Hedges.

To save you a bit of time, we are going to list all of the Fortnite research book locations in both Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges, giving you the precise points in the map where you can find these tomes.

Fortnite Pleasant Park Research book locations

The three Pleasant Park research books are found in the following places:

The three Fortnite research book locations in Pleasant Park.

  • Southwest house: Head into the dining room on the ground floor to find it near a bookshelf.
  • The house north of the southwest house: Head into the living room to find it between a bookshelf and the TV.
  • Northern house: As you enter this house from the front, it’s between the bookshelf on the back wall and the table.


The three Holly Hedges research books are found in the following places:

The five Fortnite research book locations in Holly Hedges.

  • Southeast house: Head through the door just to the side of the soccer player you need to find for the Fortnite Neymar Jr challenge. Turn right and go through the door. On your right as you pass through the door is a research book.
  • Southern house: This one is also on the ground floor in the main living area.
  • Northeast house: This research book is by a bookshelf close to the TV and the entrance to the garage.
  • Northwest house: As you enter the front door, it’s next to the larger of the two bookcases. If you go into the kitchen with the gnome, you’ve passed the research book.
  • Western house: This one is towards the southeast wall of the house before the garage.

And those are all of the Fortnite research book locations. We have plenty of other Chapter 2 Season 6 challenge guides for you if you’re struggling with them. Recent ones include how to get a prop disguise in FortniteLara Croft’s location for the grappler bow, and how to tame Fortnite animals.