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How to tame a Fortnite shark: guide to riding Fortnite’s latest threat

Looking to catch a free ride? Here's how to grab hold of a Fortnite shark

Fortnite Shark - how to tame

Wondering how to tame a Fortnite shark? Epic Games continues to expand the PvE options in Fortnite, adding henchmen last season, and now marauders and sharks. If you head to the newly drenched southwestern portion of the battle royale map you’ll spy that, in addition to the new Waterworld-inspired floating settlements, there are also some toothy new residents in the waters: loot sharks.

Look for their telltale dorsal fins in the water and you have two options, either shoot the animal until it spills loot out into the ocean (although this makes you a meanie), or grab yourself a fishing rod and you can tame the shark (this is slightly less mean).

So, how do you actually ride one of the Fortnite sharks? First, you need to find a fishing rod and keep it handy until you’re within casting distance of the shark. When you’re close to a shark, cast your line and watch the shark to see if it takes any interest. When you see the lure suddenly move hit your action button (left mouse button) and instead of you reeling the shark in you’ll equip water skis and the shark will start towing you wherever you steer it.

If you’re less interested in catching a ride and want some loot you may be wondering what happens when you kill a shark in Fortnite. These creatures take a lot of damage and can be tough to deal with as they’re able to leap great distances and destroy buildings. However, if you manage to defeat one then it will leave behind rare loot, including the occasional legendary weapon. So, it’s worth going Captain Ahab on these critters if you want some of the best Fortnite guns going.

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