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Fortnite skin pack for Ayida adds quests, items to Epic battle royale

This Fortnite skin pack not only grants you a fancy new skin to use in the Epic battle royale game but also adds some special quests to chapter 3 season 4

Fortnite Skin Ayida. This image shows Ayida from Fortnite.

A new Fortnite skin is always a good time in the battle royale game, but it’s always a little bit more exciting when it’s thanks to a Level Up Quest Pack. These special packs not only give you cool loot; they also add in some unique quests to try and accomplish as you play the game. The lastest Fortnite skin pack focuses on Ayida, as Epic bolsters its multiplayer game hit throughout chapter 3 season 4.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has already had a fair few quests, like the Fortnite Herald quests, and it’s had some cool skins too. The thing is, a lot of the best skins this season have been crossovers, like the new Star Wars collaboration, or the Rick & Morty one. While we love seeing lots of Disney IPs shooting at each other with goo guns, it’s nice to see more original skins in the game too.

The latest entry in this is Ayida’s Level Up Quest Pack. This comes with a brand-new outfit out of the gates, and then includes seven new Level Up quests every week for the next four weeks. Each of these will allow you to unlock new cosmetics, and the whole thing will last until the end of this season, which is December 2nd. As that’s still a little under a month away, this should be no issue for regular players.

Fortnite Skin Ayida. This image shows Ayida from Fortnite and her items.

It is worth weighing up if you’ll get the most out of this pack if you’re not sure you’ll complete it though. This is one of the few purchases you can make, outside of the battle pass, that can end up not giving you its full worth if you don’t play enough.

If you’re only just jumping into this season, then here’s what you need to know about the new Fortnite map. We’ve also got a list of Fortnite tips and tricks to help make sure you can complete these quests on time too.